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The Wedding Planner

It's time for Mere to wrap us up for the week: "To do our jobs, we have to believe defeat is not an option." Cristina is mopping Izzie's brow when Meredith comes out in what is actually a great dress for her -- a strapless mermaid-cut dress with silver accents. Mere smiles but when we cut back to her she's frowning as if waiting for feedback, which feels like a weird editing mistake. Cristina smiles, and Izzie takes off her oxygen mask to say that Mere is going to be a beautiful bride. Mere finally smiles for real, and when Cristina motions for her to turn around so they can see the back, she turns and does a swishy little dance like a happy little girl. The Chief walks by at that moment and watches her with his own smile -- clearly he does have a daughter of sorts, and that's Meredith. Mere: "That no matter how sick our patients get, there's hope for them."

George is drinking alone at the bar at Joe's, and as he orders another beer Alex shuffles in and sits next to him. George gives him an infinitesimal nod of recognition, and Alex admits that George kicked ass that day. George says that he did what he had to do, and he means it, he's not fishing for a compliment. But Alex gives it anyway, and says that it wasn't just that, George is good. Alex says that he is good, but not good under pressure. "She's really sick. Really sick, and I'm not good under pressure." Mere: "But even when our hopes give way to reality, and we finally have to surrender to the truth, it just means we've lost today's battle. Not tomorrow's war." George slides the new beer towards Alex and asks for another for himself, proving that he does indeed kick Alex's ass in many ways. Not every way, but right now he's still winning the ass-kicking race.

Back at the house Mere and Lexie are sitting at the kitchen table, Mere with a glass of wine and Lexie with a pile of Twinkies. I had never in my 31 years thought about how weird that name is until I just had to type it out. How did someone ever come up with "Twinkie"? But it is fun to say -- twinkie twinkie twinkie. Okay, I'm getting punchy, let's wrap this up. Mere admits that a big wedding isn't so bad, and Lexie tells her that she's just sad she didn't get to see the dress. Mere is surprised and says she will, but Lexie asks how, if Mark and Derek don't make up. Like George before her she's clearly just asking what's on her mind and not fishing, but Mere happily tells her, "You're my sister, Lexie, you're in the wedding!" It's a really sweet moment and a nice reward for all of us that have watched them struggle to get to this point. Lexie is beside herself with happiness, and they are giggling about what bridesmaid dresses Izzie might choose when Mark and Derek walk in. Mere: "Here's the thing about surrender. Once you do it, actually give in, you forget why you were even fighting in the first place." Derek offers Mark a beer and he happily accepts, and they walk back out to watch the game like nothing ever happened. The girls just stare after them, stunned, and then Meredith turns to Lexie and gently helps her lower her Twinkie back to the table saying, "You can stop eating now." Lexie breathes, "Oh thank God!" with the release of tons of baby weight... er, I mean, stress lifting off of her.

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