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The Wedding Planner

Mark and Lexie are making out in the kitchen when Derek and Mere come downstairs joking about a bouquet made of scalpels; when the guys see each other, everyone clams up and gets uncomfortable. Lexie, with a rounder face on account of Chyler Leigh's real-life pregnancy, grabs a piece of toast and works her way through half of it while she heaves a worried sigh. Ah, so rather than taking the Gossip Girl route of only halfheartedly even pretending to hide an actress' real life pregnancy since hey, we all know she's pregnant anyway, they're actually addressing her weight gain with... nervous eating.

I'm relieved from a story standpoint and thrilled from a personal, viewer standpoint that Hunt is now seeing the awesome Dr. Amy. It doesn't come as a surprise that he has trouble opening up, and he claims he feels nothing. She lists some possible emotions --happiness, unhappiness, guilt, survivor's guilt. He twitches at this but tries to tell her that it's not about his platoon, so it's time for her to bring out the big guns: she lays her notebook down and leans forward. She tells him that he's pushed his feelings aside for far too long and she's asking him to "claim them," adding that it's totally about his platoon. He retorts that in fact it's about how he tried to choke Cristina to death, and that the way he feels about her and his platoon are not the same. But what he's clearly not ready for is that she can retort as well as he can, and asks how he could know that until he names his feelings? He tries to stutter a denial but winds up shaking his head, at a loss for words.

I forgot to mention a key detail about Izzie when we first saw her -- now that it's been a couple of days since her brain surgery, her "bandage" amounts to a piece of gauze wrapped around her head like a kicky little headband, and she's got a full head of hair pulled into a ponytail. Derek should be in a medical journal just for his ability to leave all of his patients with luxurious manes after having cracked their skulls open. She's on the phone about some wedding gowns and when she is told the boutique doesn't deliver gowns just to try on, she starts to cough and plays up the cancer card so they will agree. She of course is doing all this while pacing around in her room, which is covered in cutouts from bridal mags, and looks pretty much the opposite of someone with stage four cancer. The chief has been watching her from the door and Swender joins him, and both look a little bit stunned by how perky Izzie seems. Swender warns her to take it easy, but Izzie brushes her off to make some more calls. The doc then turns to the Chief and explains to him that it was chemo plus IL2, which is designed to have the body attack itself to also attack the cancer. I realize that this is a key point we all need to learn, but I am always bothered by one doctor explaining medicine to another doctor like this. Presumably as Chief, he has an idea of what this medicine does, right? But now we all know how horrible and harsh this treatment is and that Izzie won't be upright for long -- the stuff is so strong it could even give her a heart attack. Swender finishes by ominously warning that in a few hours, Izzie will wish she was dead. Izzie will have to get in line behind a whoooole lot of viewers at that point.

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