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Hunt goes to check on the other guy, and George has a total handle on things and calmly rattles off all of the patient's problems. Hunt seems impressed, has them order a full workup, and then adds that George will report to Alex with the results. George is understandably ticked while Alex smirks at him. He's incredibly smug as Hunt explains to George that Alex is supervising the pit that day, and when Hunt leaves Alex dismisses George as if he's just a measly peon. All during the doctor drama, the patient seems to be simmering in his own anger in the bed, but he doesn't say anything.

Arizona and Bailey are walking down the hall together and Arizona prattles about how meeting Callie's dad was not on the day's agenda, clearly weirded out and also clearly not aware of how no one dumps their personal problems on Miranda Bailey. Bailey quickly teaches her this rule, and adds that it's her day off and she's only there to watch Arizona do a particular procedure. Arizona, more for our benefit than Bailey's, reminds her that she worked a 90 hour week and should be at home relaxing, but Bailey tells her to lay off the advice. Arizona gently gets to the point and says pediatrics can be tough and especially hard on a doctor's family. Bailey is many thing, but a convincing liar isn't one of them -- after arguing that her husband is totally supportive, Arizona guesses that he doesn't know. Unfortunately, this conversation feels like it's setting up Bailey's Marital Problems Storyline Part Deux. Bailey admits that but when Arizona asks why she hasn't said anything they are interrupted by a panicked father whose daughter can't breathe. Arizona runs in and explains to Bailey as they go that the little girl, Jessica, has Tay-Sachs. Jessica is a moppet with cartoon-sized eyes and a charming purple knit hat, and the combo of those two things says to me that she is not long for this world.

Mark and Derek, still together and still being little bitches to each other, are giving Gates a CT scan. Derek notes that there is no blood in the brain but Mark points out he's got a ruptured eardrum and a fractured bone and orders Lexie to book an OR. Derek halts her, pointing out that he's also got an injured facial nerve that needs repair. They pull Lexie right into the middle of this verbal pissing contest by asking her what needs to be treated first and then argue back and forth some more. As she just opens and closes her mouth like a fish about to expire on dry land, the boys ask pointedly, "Dr. Grey?" "Lexie?" "Dr. Grey?" "Lexie?" Once she regains her powers of speech, she just says she thinks they are both amazing doctors and leaves, popping more food in her mouth as she goes.

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