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Callie is having a complete meltdown in Spanish, with just enough English thrown in that I can gather she's yelling to the air that it's her own life and she can choose who she wants. Arizona is listening to her and makes sympathetic noises, but is clearly relieved when Mark comes in to answer her page. As Callie continues to yell she desperately explains that she has a patient and Mark is Callie's best friend, and Mark cuts in to assure her he's got this. Once Arizona goes, Mark grabs Callie by the shoulders and yells, "Hey! Stop speaking Spanish! Because I have to go to surgery in a minute and I don't speak Spanish." This is why they are such good friends -- they help each other, but don't sit around to wait out a bunch of bullshit first. Callie explains to mark that her dad is making her quit and taking her home. Mark's stunned to hear his fiercely independent friend sounding like a child who has no say in her own life, and asks if she's 12. Callie sadly tells him that her dad has done everything for her -- paid for college and med school, and then he set her up with a trust fund so her only worry would be becoming a good doctor. Mark is gentle but firm as he reminds her that support and respect aren't the same thing.

Bailey finds Jessica awake and alone in her room, and she asks for her dad. Bailey asks how she's feeling and if she'd like any water, but in her tiny voice Jessica asks only for her dad. Bailey is only human, and her heartstrings have been good and tugged. She tells Jessica that what makes her own little boy feel better when he's scared is rocking in the chair with her. With that, Bailey takes off her coat, picks up Jessica, and sits down in the rocker, cradling the girl. Jessica curls up tightly next to her, breaking hearts of viewers across America.

Alex delivers a burger and fries from Joe's up to the bridal boutique. He's skeptical that Izzie really wants the food but she assures him that she's not nauseous at all and proves it by shoving a fry in her face. Whatever keeps her from talking and/or playing dead is fine by me. Lexie comes in and joins them, probably drawn in by the smell of deep-fried potato. Mere yells out from the bathroom about her dress giving her a mammogram, and says she's taking it off, but Izzie is pulling out all the stops and pretends to not be able to breathe. Cristina and Alex panic and Mere runs out, which pleases Izzie to no end since that's all she wanted in the first place. I only wish Izzie was on oxygen or something similar that Cristina could unplug so that she really couldn't breathe for a few moments, and Cristina could laugh and laugh and plug her back in and tell Izzie she was only joking to see the look on her purple face. Izzie of course loves the dress, which seems to be too tight and is accompanied by opera gloves that make Mere's arms look like satin sausages. I didn't think she had enough meat on her for that effect, but those are some bad gloves. Mere's pissed to see that there's an audience this time, which is specifically against her wishes. Lexie tells her that actually she's there to see if Mere will talk to Mark and Derek because she's about to go into a six-hour surgery with the two of them and thinks she's not going to survive the fighting. Hmm, so it wasn't the smell of the fries -- those were just a delicious bonus. Izzie gives Mere grudging permission to leave and Cristina goes into the bathroom to help her out of the dress. Lexie grabs a last handful of fries and leaves, so Izzie sends Alex back to Joe's to replenish. Once everyone is gone, though, her face falls and she gives a vomity-looking hiccup before barfing quietly into a bed pan. Thank you, show, for actually showing it coming out of her mouth, too -- that was a treat that went really well with the glass of wine I was drinking while I was watching.

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