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Jessica appears to have fallen asleep in Bailey's arms, but when Bailey starts to put her tiny patient back into bed, Jessica grabs her scrubs with a whimper. Bailey can't leave her like this, and crawls into bed next to her. Smith then runs in to report that the Mexican doctors have said they will treat Jessica if he can get her there, but he doesn't seem to actually notice that his daughter is clutching desperately at the adult who has stayed with her. Bailey quietly tells him Jessica has been asking for him, so he leans in and tells his daughter they are going to Mexico, with the blue sky and white sand. In a pathetic tiny croak, she asks him if they can go tomorrow, because she is so tired. Bailey quietly tries to get him to trade spots with her, but Smith has lost his entire grip on reality and manically announces all they need is plane fare before running out the door. Arizona has come in; she offers to get a replacement for Bailey so that she can watch the procedure. Bailey nods, but Jessica grabs at her again and so she changes her mind and assures Arizona she's fine to stay right there.

The boys are scrubbing in when Mere stomps in and orders them to apologize to each other either for their patient's sake, or for Mere, or for Lexie, who nods in agreement as she pushes an entire peanut butter cup into her mouth. Oooh, now I'm hungry again -- this show is toying with me between the vomit and then the delicious candy. Mere pleads with them to look at her sister, face breaking out, "Her ass is humongous..." Lexie adds weakly, "It's true. I had to get the scrubs with the elastic waistband." The guys don't say anything, so she announces that if they don't apologize to each other, she's not scrubbing in. Pointing out that this is supposed to be a happy time with Mark being Derek's best man only prompts Derek to retort that Richard will be his best man. Meredith looks like she's been punched, and when Mark walks into the OR she asks Lexie for a moment. Derek bitches that the best man is his choice to make, and then has the gall to ask when Mere is going to let go of her grudge against him. It's really rich, and I'm thrilled that Meredith doesn't hesitate to point this out. After reminding him how Richard had an affair with her mother and essentially helped ruin her childhood, she points out that Mark has been Derek's best friend for 20 years and he's throwing that away right now over one fight, so he can't throw stones about holding grudges. "I'll get over mine when you get over yours." Seriously, there is nothing I love more than having Derek's hypocrisy thrown in his face. Well, I might love more his not being such an ass in the first place, but this will do. After Mere leaves, Derek just looks at his friend through the window.

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