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We open on nighttime this week. "My mother used to say this about residency. It takes a year to learn how to cut. It takes a lifetime to learn not to." Really, Ellis Grey said that? And to Meredith? I didn't think they had that sort of relationship, but I guess, "Be quiet Meredith, I'm trying to work," wouldn't be so meaningful to lead us into this week's episode. Bailey watches Jackson sleep and then Arizona runs up to answer Bailey's page. Bailey tells her that Jackson's BP is down a bit so they might be able to push for him to be moved up on the transplant list. It's obviously not worth of the 911-page that she used at 2:30 AM. Arizona tells her that they need to let the system do it's job and that they need to both get some sleep, and when Bailey tearily calls that he's running out of time, Arizona says, not unkind but still matter of fact, "They always are. Welcome to peds." VO: "Of all of the tools on the surgical tray, sound judgment is the trickiest one to master. And without it, we're all just toddlers running around with 10-blades."

King of the Toddlers Derek bursts in and hands the guard his briefcase -- is that part of this guy's job, now? Handling Derek's case like he's a secretary? Eric jovially says that he told them not to wake Derek on account of him needing his beauty sleep. I enjoy the sadistic chuckle he gives at that while Derek pouts and looks at his chart. The brain contusions are expanding, so they need to operate. Seriously for only a second, Eric asks if this could kill him and chuckles at the affirmative answer. Given that he's due to be executed in 5 days he wants to just let it roll with the contusions; he figures that the hospital with all the pretty ladies is a nice place to go. Derek comments that he's refusing surgery and Eric points out that he'll die either way. "Might as well do it on your watch." I just love a man who can torture Derek in this way, psycho serial killer or not.

Mark is trying to sneak out of Lexie's room and is not happy that she lives in Meredith's attic and that everyone seems to be awake downstairs. Cleary I missed something along the way because I never remember her moving out of the apartment she shared with George, but here she is living in the attic. I guess when Derek brought her home, it was for good and not just for one night as it totally appeared. Regardless, there she is in the attic and there's Mark with no shirt on (HEL-lo) wondering why the other housemates never sleep. Lexie tells him that they are cleaning the house for Derek's mom, and Mark goes into a weird scary calm freakout about the woman who practically raised him coming to visit while he's sleeping with the 24-year-old banned goods. I think if she knows you that well, Mark, she won't be that surprised to find out that you didn't entirely follow her lessons on right and wrong.

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