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First off, a big thank you to Jeff Long for covering this week's recaplet for me! And now, to Seattle and Mere, who is back on voiceover duty after a week off. "Psychologists believe that every aspect of our lives, all our thought processes and behavior patterns, are the direct result of our relationship to our parents." She and Derek and being schmoopy in bed, and as he gazes at her he comments on how pretty she is and immediately arouses her suspicions. He thinks it will come off as innocent when he tells her he was merely thinking about how pretty their children will be, but she freaks at the subject in general and especially because he used the plural "children." He assures her they can start with just one, but she can't even fathom the idea of starting. Derek, realizing he needs to back off, tells her again that she's pretty but it doesn't seem to work as well as he'd like to calm her.

We see Cristina and Owen in bed, but they aren't nearly as comfortable as Mere and Derek (pre-children talk, at any rate). They are not touching at all nor even looking at each other while Mere VOs: "That every relationship we have is really just another version of that first relationship." Cristina finally asks him casually if he has talked to Dr. Amy, but he brushes her off and gets up, looking grouchy, while she stays in bed, a forlorn little figure.

Back at Casa Grey, Mere walks into the bathroom where Alex is showering and informs him that since Izzie is gone and Cristina isn't answering her phone, she needs him to be a girl for a moment. Endearingly, he sticks his head out the door and asks her if she wants Alex to kick his ass, though the look on her face says he might not be keeping little Alex as out of sight as she would prefer. That's only momentary, though, because she's freaked out about Derek's wanting a baby, and Alex guesses that this could mean she does want him to kick Derek's ass. Hee. He displays his ability to actually be rather thoughtful sometimes and asks if she wants a baby, but Mere just responds by pointing out she had the worst mom in the world and would therefore be awful as a mother herself. As opposed to tackling that issue, he announces that Izzie sent over divorce papers, and Mere asks if he wants her to kick Izzie's ass. Aha, but that won't happen because she's never coming back! Hahahahahahahahaha, Merry early/late Christmahanukwanzaakahunbirthday to ME! But I digress. Derek pokes his head in to talk to Alex and is rather taken aback to see his wife hanging out there, and though they both explain that Alex was being a girl, he's a little thrown off and it takes him a second to remember that he came up to tell Alex that there's a guy downstairs who claims to be his brother. He asks if he should send him up to the party, but Mere tells Derek to have him wait, and then when Derek leaves a very surprised Mere asks if he wants her to get rid of him. Alex doesn't really hear her and just asks himself why he'd be there.

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