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When Aaron wakes up, he finds Alex doing paperwork in a chair next to his bed. Even though he's groggy from surgery he seems suitably subdued and tells Alex he doesn't have to be there, but Alex gruffly replies that he's just making sure Aaron doesn't die and then he's leaving. Aaron stares at the ceiling and then admits to Alex that he was a better parent than both of their actual parents combined, that he feels guilty that Amber only has him and not Alex to help her out, and he asks Alex what happened. Alex helplessly reminds Aaron that he sends money home to them every month (!) and sends their mom her medications (!!) and asks if he wants that to stop. He really does have the soft center we knew he had under that tough exterior. He then admits that he's so close to making it as a surgeon, and, "I can't be in that and do this." Aaron is teary but seems to understand, and he tells Alex that Amber turned out well and he'd like her; Alex reminds Aaron that he turned out okay too. Aaron, finally realizing he probably was a little rash in accusing Alex of dumping his wife, says he's sorry she left or got cancer or whatever -- still confused by the crazy storytelling from the morning. Don't worry Aaron, we're all going to get over it mighty quick! Oh wait, there I go again with the celebrating. Alex is more subdued than me and just thanks him.

Gina is awake and her husband is in her room as the doctors give them the report on the surgery -- her husband is appropriately horrified when he hears about the bullet and shrapnel (or shrapnel-like bullet, as it were) near her heart, and she thanks them profusely. They all seem to have been avoiding something, though, and Callie finally admits that there were lots of complications, and in order to stop the bleeding they had to remove her uterus. Both of them are in complete shock and can't seem to really absorb the news at first, but when he asks if they can never have kids and Callie nods, Gina breaks down and he tries to assure her that it's okay. There's another long lingering shot of this being Extra Meaningful for Callie and her current dilemma.

April and Lexie both watch Mr. Clark through the window as he sits with his wife. Richard comes up and when he hears that it's been three hours, tells Lexie that it's time and to, "See it through." Lexie takes a deep breath and then walks in, and Richard keeps his eyes only on her throughout this difficult task. Mr. Clark begs her for more time but now he's just broken rather than angry, and Lexie apologizes as she walks slowly around the bed. Mr. Clark tells her that he keeps telling himself there's a chance that she'll wake up when the machine is turned off, and looks to Lexie desperately for encouragement. But she sticks to her guns and sees it through; managing only barely to keep her tears from spilling over, she again says she's sorry and then flips the machine off. He begs his wife to wake up but nothing happens, and basically it's just horrible for everyone involved.

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