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Lexie and April are working with Richard today, and their patient is a woman, Mrs. Clark, who fainted in the grocery store, which is super unusual for her. As they look at one of her scans Lexie starts to point out something in her brain but April just talks right over her to point out the problem, much to Lexie's annoyance. Mr. Clark explains that Swender told them the cancer was back but that Richard might be able to take it out, and Richard tells them he's not sure but he will try. When they don't get a guarantee Mr. Clark's face falls so quickly it's almost childlike, and his wife winds up consoling him and holding his hand, even though she is in fact the one with the recurring cancer.

Mere and Alex got Aaron to the hospital but he's clearly nervous and Alex gets annoyed and orders him to just fill out the paperwork already. Aaron finally admits the other reason he came so far to get this checked out -- he has no insurance. Mere thinks Alex could ask Bailey to do it pro bono, but Alex absolutely doesn't want to do that. Cristina overhears the conversation and comes right over, shocked that Alex has a brother, and after meeting him asks Alex why he can't be nice like Aaron? Alex shoots back, "Why can't you?" and Cristina shrugs and admits, "Fair enough," before pulling Mere away. I like a woman who knows herself.

Mere says she called Cristina ten times and Cristina explains that Owen isn't doing well, and she turned off her phone in hopes that he might talk about it, but he didn't. "I hate men. They're stupid." Mere responds by announcing that Derek asked her to have a baby with him that morning. It wasn't quite so cut and dried like that, but Mere is so terrified at the idea that that is how she saw it. Cristina laughs and adds, "Really stupid." Meredith makes a terrified face, but Cristina gets paged and has to go down to the ER to work with Owen, who is still in his "dark place." She runs off, no time to talk more about babies.

She isn't the only one who got paged -- there are about 20 people waiting for the ambulance when it arrives carrying a policewoman, Gina, with multiple gunshot wounds. Hunt comments on the number of police cars that escorted her there, but when they pull her out of the ambulance she tells them she's going to be fine and that she's been in worse shape. As any TV cop worth their salt would say, she announces, "You should see the other guys." They all look as three guys are rushed in from other ambulances and Callie asks amazed if she really took out three guys by herself. "Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Am I right, ladies?" Teddy, Callie and Cristina certainly look impressed.

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