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As they all work on Gina, Teddy and Hunt are so in tune that they are completing each other's sentences. Her worried husband Jimmy rushes in and he's followed by her boss, who is super angry that she disobeyed a direct order by not waiting for backup, and endangered herself and others. She's pissed on account of the fact that she didn't injure anyone else and in fact got all three guys on her own, but her only reward is that she is suspended, and her case is going to be reviewed and she could not have a job by the end of the day. This freaks her out more than anything, and that combined with the internal bleeding in her chest make things pretty rough for a few moments, and the doctors clear everyone else out of the room.

Lexie and April are in the OR with Richard working on Mrs. Clark. Lexie is invested in the surgery, but April is distracted by Derek, who is observing from the gallery. They totally catch her and she makes a lame comment about how she wasn't expecting him there, but that she supposes it is his job to evaluate and observe, golly gee. Testily Richard informs her that he is the only one who is observing and evaluating her, and unspoken is his demand to get her lovesick eyes back on the body in front of them. She can only stand it for a second though, and sneaks a second glance, not realizing that Lexie totally catches her doing it.

Bailey is sneaking in some time with Tuck in the nursery when Alex finds her. She uses Tuck to try and shoo him away with an adorable little wave, but Alex pulls up a tiny chair and tells her about his brother. Bailey carries on the whole conversation through little Tuck, telling him she didn't know Alex had a brother, did he? Tuck stays quite silent through the whole thing, more interested in his blocks than in Aaron's potential pro bono surgery. Bailey laughs at the suggestion and tells Tuck/Alex that she has a ton of surgeries to schedule which leaves little time for her to perform a free surgery but Alex tells her he'll schedule her surgery for a week, then ups it to two weeks and then a month when she keeps playing with Tuck without giving him an answer. She agrees to do it, and after he leaves she tells Tuck that she would have just done the surgery, but then Alex just kept talking!

Lexie goes down to find Mr. Clark after surgery and tells him that Mrs. Clark came through with flying colors, and they got all of her tumor out. He's so relieved he gets teary as he thanks her, and admits that his wife is always telling him to be more manly about these things. She's the one with cancer yet she's afraid he's the one that won't make it. It's sweet until you think about it for too long -- come on, dude, don't make your cancer-stricken wife care for you on top of herself. But she's great and I'm sure nothing is going to go horribly and surprisingly wrong as Lexie asks if he wants to go see her.

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