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As Derek looks at Mrs. Clark's scans, April gazes at Derek with puppy love in her eyes, and is stricken when Meredith pops in and comments on the massive bleed that they are studying. Things only get worse for her when Derek gazes at his wife and tells her how pretty she is in scrubs. Mere asks him what they are going to do about the stroke they are looking at, and to April's shock he tells her that it's too big and there's nothing they can do. Proving he's good at emotionally disconnecting, he then turns to Meredith and asks her to go get coffee, and they flirt their way out the door while April pines away.

The whole gang of doctors from before are in the OR working on Gina, and Hunt pulls out a bullet he calls a "devastator" because it's sharp like shrapnel and can explode on impact, and they are told to be very careful. Callie makes some thoughtless conversation, asking if anyone can imagine going to work where you have to worry about getting shot at, and the Army vets exchange glances. Cristina of course thinks that Gina is awesome, and she and Callie gripe about her husband practically saying he wants babies or he is leaving; Callie asks why it always has to be one or the other, and Teddy wisely points out that you don't want kids when you are facing mortar fire every day, as it screws with your head. Callie seems to recall that she's with someone who has been there, and asks Teddy if that's why she doesn't have kids. Teddy points out she had her residency, and then Iraq, and then she also hasn't met the right guy yet. Well, she says that, at least, though deep down she might not believe that last part. Cristina expresses surprise that Teddy wants kids, Callie expresses surprise that Cristina doesn't, and Cristina asks, "Have you met me?" Seriously. Cristina doesn't seem to notice the silence that is her boyfriend frowning at this revelation, especially as she thinks she can feel the bullet in Gina's chest and tries to get it. She digs for it but as Hunt yells "Don't!" there's a small explosion and blood spatters across their faces. Teddy is pissed but Hunt is positively furious, and when Cristina asks in panicked confusion what just happened, he snaps that she basically just fired a bullet into the patient's chest. He glares at her while she tries to make sense of whatever that just was.

Meredith is on a computer at the nurses' station showing Aaron his scan, and as all TV hicks/daredevils/smartasses do, he asks for a copy to put on his fridge. Arizona comes up and asks to use the computer so Meredith introduces them, not realizing that everything is going to hell in a split second. Arizona is excited and bubbly as usual, and asks him why she didn't meet him at the wedding. Mere tries to jump in at this point but Arizona is on a roll and can't be stopped, babbling that she remembers now it was last minute. Aaron asks what wedding, and Arizona tells him it was Alex's while Mere tries to say it was no one's. Arizona finally realizes things are getting hairy but Lexie walks up and hears Aaron telling them he can't believe Alex would get married and not call, so she jumps in to accidentally muck things up even more by saying it sounds weird but it was spur of the moment because of the cancer. Cue Aaron's freakout that Alex has cancer, then his question about who Izzie is, and then his general system overload when Lexie explains that Izzie left, then came back, and then Alex decided it wasn't right any more. Mere finally is able to shut her up but it's about five personal revelations too late and Lexie realizes that she just made quite a mistake.

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