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Richard has obviously delivered the bad news to Mr. Clark, but he doesn't seem to be able to absorb it, so Richard has poor Lexie explain. With tears in her eyes she tells him that his wife has a massive hemorrhage and now has minimal brain activity. Unfortunately he grasps on to the word "minimal" and thinks that there's hope since they didn't say "none." April has to explain how the ventilator is the only thing keeping her alive, and when she mentions turning it off Mr. Clark turns into a rabid animal, demanding to know why they would turn it off. It seems Mrs. Clark signed a directive three years earlier to not be kept alive by a ventilator, and despite her husband's argument that she did that when she thought she was dying of cancer but she beat the odds, made it, and will make it this time too, Richard tells him that legally they have no choice. He tries to tell them that it should be his choice, but Richard sadly tells him it's not the case, so Mr. Clark turns and takes all of his heartbreak out on Lexie, yelling at her for telling him the surgery went well and calling her a child and useless before demanding to see who is in charge. It can't help this moment for Richard that he then has to go to Derek rather than just pointing out that he's the man as would have happened previously.

As Bailey and Mere prep Aaron for the free surgery that he really does need, he tells them that Alex protected he and his sister all their lives, and even kicked their dad's ass so hard he never came back. He sounds admiring but then adds that maybe Alex just liked throwing punches, and Mere warns him sweetly that while she likes Aaron she can't have him talking about her friend that way. I like when Mere and Alex get to be friends -- maybe it's because they seem to be the only people each other hasn't slept with, so they have some sort of special chastity bond or something? Whatever it is, it makes for a good relationship. They put Aaron under and once he's gone, Bailey tells Mere that while she's not easily impressed, she's impressed with Alex for growing up with a "junkie dad" and "crackpot mom" and still becoming a doctor.

Lexie is slumped at the desk outside of Mrs. Clark's room, and Richard comes by to tell her that they are meeting with Mr. Clark in Derek's office in five minutes. Mark walks up in time to overhear the end of the conversation and Lexie, needing someone to talk to and not caring that she and Mark haven't really been able to coexist lately, spills about what happened and how now they are supposed to just unplug Mrs. Clark. She knows she's supposed to be tough and not care but obviously is having a hard time with that and desperately she asks Mark how he manages to not care. Mark sighs and then admits, "It's the hardest part of the job. The very hardest part." When she asks how one learns he tells her he's still learning, and the look on his face very clearly shows that he's only still learning how not to care about Lexie herself.

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