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The others are all still working on Gina's surgery and Callie sees her vitals and realizes that something must still be bleeding. The doctors get to work, and rather disgustingly start scooping blood and clots out from her abdomen while they are trying to find whatever it might be. Hunt clearly hasn't calmed down and gripes about how they would have found this bleed earlier if they hadn't been dealing with "artillery" in the OR but Teddy orders him to stuff it for now. Callie is clearly uncomfortable while Cristina looks completely alarmed and with good reason -- even though Hunt shuts up, he continues to glare at Cristina accusingly.

He's scrubbing out when Cristina shuffles out of the OR and pulls her mask down, staring at him, but he just glares at her and storms out. Defeated, she starts scrubbing and Teddy joins her and immediately apologizes, saying it was their fault for speaking in shorthand and forgetting that the other docs are civilians who don't know ballistics. Cristina cuts her off, though, to tell her that the problem isn't specifically what happened, but that it's not the first time. "He's been..." she trails off, not sure of what to say, and Teddy tells her that he's been through a lot. Cristina points out that he doesn't talk about it and Teddy defends that he can't, and that she has a hard time talking about it too but didn't have it nearly as bad as he did in Iraq. She tells her that he's "triggered" right now and that the triggers might never go away but they could get better if she gives him time; Teddy then turns to her and practically begs her to give him time because he's in love with her. Her heart is clearly still broken and it's almost like she herself needs Hunt to be in love with Cristina or else all of this crap she's gone through will have been for naught. When Teddy says Hunt needs time, Cristina counters that what he needs more is therapy, but Teddy warns her not to tell Hunt to go because he's a [stereotype alert!] man that way, and he'll never do what he's told to do. She advises Cristina instead to just tell him how she feels.

Callie is sitting in a darkened break room and when Bailey comes in to get some coffee, Callie asks her what the best time is to have kids. After thinking a moment, Bailey tells a surprised Callie, "Never." Callie, you're better than this -- you're a savvy grown woman and by this point I think we all have learned either personally or just through other people in our lives that there's never the perfect time to have kids. But she seems to really not know this and listens in shock as Bailey tells her how they sap everything from you until you have nothing left. Of course there's a flip side to this, and Bailey goes on to tell Callie how Tuck woke her up that morning and when he ordered her to wake up he actually made the "k" sound for the first time, rather than using his usual (and adorable) "wade up." She beams as she talks about how proud she was, and tells Callie that the pride is at least as good as any whipple. To finish her answer, she says that if Callie tries to wait for the perfect time, she'll never do it.

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