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Cristina, meanwhile, marches into the room and unceremoniously boots the other doctor, announcing that Sloan wants her on the case. The guy leaves, and Cristina greets Irving but her face falls as she looks at the chart and tells him she'll be getting him ready for his penile implant surgery. It turns out the other doctor was just about to shave him. Cristina's horrified, but sucks it up on account of her wanting a surgery so badly and tells him, "Terrific."

She then joins Mere, who is being wheeled to the OR, and Mere doesn't hide her glee at the whole situation, reminding Cristina it's all her own fault. She tells her at least she's not going to be in bed recovering for the next month. And man, I have to say that's kind of a brilliant solution to the Ellen-Pompeo-pregnant situation -- she'll be off recovering, and we don't have to deal with some manufactured Mere-Derek drama again to explain her absence. In fact, Derek then shows up in scrubs, as he didn't plan to let her go through this by herself. Bailey hears him and tells him there's no way, and then shoos Cristina off to her own surgery. Derek is firm that he's just going to sit by Meredith's head and won't say a word. He respects that it's Bailey's OR but it's also his wife. She thinks about it, and seems to finally give in to the request (or polite demand, however you choose to interpret it).

Randy is on the gurney, ready to go under, but first he admits to Izzie that he wasn't waiting for the right moment. She guesses correctly that he was waiting to go into remission, and he explains that he didn't want to tie Angela to a sick husband. He's realized now that it's probably part of the package, so he's not going to waste another moment. Izzie says he shouldn't, and he smiles before they put him under. I suppose they must have had a talk with him we didn't see about how this is a risky surgery -- at least that's how Hunt made it sound -- but they both seem to be taking for granted that he's going to wake up fine and dandy afterward.

Bailey looks at Mere asleep on her operating table with Derek holding her head. She leans in and warns that she's had five interns, and four of them have now been on her table. "One of you has cancer, one of you died. You better not pull anything funny on me, Grey." She's stern, but obviously, despite her vowing to not give away any of her emotions or feelings at work anymore, she is Bailey and she's awesome and she can never detach completely. She and Derek exchange a look, and she makes a cut.

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