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Daddy Dearest

Mark comes across Lexie sitting in the hallway and figures she came in on her day off to get in on an extra surgery. Defensively, she said she is, that she's giving her dad a piece of her liver. She quickly explains that he's sick and needs it so she's doing it, and then tells Stinky, who has been prepping her arm, to draw her blood. Mark's taken aback but she gets combative, and when he says that one doesn't jump into this, one takes time to consider it and they should talk about it she demands to know what there is to talk about. He reminds her that it's a major, life-threatening surgery but her answer is that her dad needs it. When Mark says he gets it, she cuts him off and icily informs him that she doesn't think he does. He reminds her that they are together and need to decide these things together; she can't go in for surgery and leave him a note. Sulkily, she mumbles that she would have paged him. But when Mark reminds her that he's her boyfriend, she just says that this is her dad. Stinky looks alarmed to be in the middle of it but finally forges ahead to draw her blood.

Izzie is in with her patient and when his girlfriend can't get the remote to work Izzie tells her to bang it on the table, an "insider trick." Her patient, Randy, is impressed and she gives him some more little tricks to make his stay more comfortable and explains that she was in with stage 4 melanoma. She then tells the woman, Angela, that she needs to give him a rectal exam so she might want to leave, mistaking her for Randy's wife. Angela makes jokes as she explains that they've been together for eight years, and when Randy tells her he was going to propose last year until he got distracted by cancer she tells him it's the best excuse in the book. She's totally good-natured about it, though, and when she leaves the room he tells Izzie the ring is at home in his mouth guard container, and he's just waiting for the right moment. Everyone who can see every twist of this upcoming story, raise your hand. Everyone? Nice.

Mark is showing Irving and his kids how the pump works, complete with pump located in the scrotum. When Irving repeats that to pump it he just needs to "squeeze the jewels," his embarrassed son can't keep quiet any longer. He yells about how he's being ridiculous at 82, but Irving asks if he isn't allowed to have a sex life and tries to get Mark to continue. Doc isn't having any of it, though, and yells at him (some of what Mark just yelled at Lexie) that this is a major surgery. Where it differs from Mark's earlier conversation is when he asks his dad if he wants to die over an erection. Irving calmly tells him, "Wars have been fought over an erection, son." Mrs. Doc, in her simpering tone, says that she knows this won't be covered by insurance and that he wants to use his savings to help Janie (presumably their daughter, his granddaughter) go to college. Awesomely, Irving says that he loves his granddaughter, but isn't it time they admit she's not going to college? "She's pretty, but she's not too sharp." I feel like we're seeing Mark Sloan in 40 years' time. When Doc starts to speak again Irving has had enough, yells that it's his money and he's going to spend it how he wants to. He and his wife saved for years for a rainy day, then she died before they could spend anything, and he thinks she'd be happy that he's doing something nice for himself. Doc expresses snide disbelief that she'd be proud about his, and Mark finally jumps in and says they have to run tests first. He suggests they calm down and then go from there.

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