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Cristina is gazing sadly at the surgery board when Dr. Nelson comes up. Shamelessly, she starts flirting like she's a few shots into her evening at a bar. "I couldn't help but notice you have no resident on your somediddly bobbything surgery." He's flustered, and stammers that he heard she was hardcore into cardio. She breathily replies, "I can be hardcore into anything you want." It's kind of awesome. Nelson turns and sees Hunt watching this spectacle, so he flees, and Hunt asks if Cristina is really whoring herself out for surgeries. Cristina just tells him he forced her into it. He leaves as Mere comes up and declares biology to be crap, that DNA and RNA don't make someone your family. Cristina points out that in fact that's exactly what makes someone family, and Mere tells her about Thatcher needing a transplant. "Lexie volunteered like she just got asked for a dollar bill. I left the room. He's not my family." She then gets a page and expresses hope again that maybe Thatcher is dead now, and when she leaves Cristina looks after her, a bit worried.

Izzie and Hunt are in Randy's surgery, and Hunt is bummed to see that Randy's way worse off than he originally thought, as all of the scarring fused his organs together. I think there's literally nothing positive that can be taken from that, wow. Izzie remains upbeat, comments that it looks like someone poured a bottle of glue in his abdomen (true) and asks how they fix it. It's kind of annoying, like all her doctor instincts and reading people have just gone out the door while she's little miss optimistic about how they cure anything and everything. When Hunt tells her they don't, she suggests a couple of different things they won't try. Hunt is firm that trying to remove this would do him more harm than good, and that doctors have to know when to say when, which is what he's doing now.

Lexie, Bailey and Richard are waiting for her outside Thatcher's room, and when she asks (not totally concealing the hope in her voice) if he is dead, Lexie is confused and rather horrified. He's not dead, but Lexie is not a match. Mere asks about her sister, getting her name wrong in the process, and Lexie explains that she lives in Bahrain and has a history of something that doesn't make her eligible anyway. Richard jumps in to say they thought Mere should know before they tell him, just in case, and she thanks them. It appears she doesn't register at all that they are trying to ask her to get tested. Instead, she just leaves to go prep for her surgery. A very puffy Lexie opens her mouth to say something but doesn't, clearly perplexed at Mere's not Getting It.

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