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Arizona and Callie are eating lunch in a park overlooking the city, and as Arizona chats about how she loves the Seattle weather, Callie pulls out a list she made for Richard of 50 reasons to hire her back. She starts to read them and Arizona quietly puts her food away and says she's going back to the hospital. Callie, apparently also now oblivious to any nonverbal cues from others, tells her it's important despite the fact that Arizona is clearly kind of over it all. Arizona replies by telling her how her favorite scrub nurse, a single mother, was just fired and how in a surgery this morning she had to tell another nurse what to do, whereas her girl would have just known. She says that it was horrible to be there without her, so she thought a nice lunch with her girlfriend would be just the ticket. Callie apologizes, and Arizona tells her that Richard will either say yes or no, and then they'll know and can go from there. Callie settles down and rests her head on Arizona's shoulder.

Mere joins Derek, who is looking at scans of the optical glioma. He asks her if she's up for it and she says that she is, then jumps right into the real situation at hand and tells him that everyone is looking at her like she owes Thatcher something, but he's still the bad guy. Derek declares simply that she doesn't owe him anything and leaves the room, and when Mere turns to say something she finds Lexie in the doorway. She looks shattered and tells Mere she's surely going to be fired for a bunch of dumb things she did that day, including pulling Mere's medical record. Mere is clearly disappointed but Lexie plows on that she'd hoped to find that Mere wasn't a match (via blood type) and then she could just move forward, but of course Mere does appear to be a match. Lexie then starts to plead, saying she knows Thatcher wasn't there for her and she'd never ask Mere to give him anything. At this point, Mere is just watching Derek and his patient through the window, her eyes filled with tears. Lexie starts to cry as she begs Mere to give something to Lexie instead: her dad. Because as awful a father as he was to Mere, he was an amazing father to Lexie. Meredith sighs and finally looks at her sister as she details the recitals and graduations he attended. She again begs Meredith, "Give me my dad!" and Mere just looks back at Derek, who looks back. After a moment she glances up at Lexie and gives a tiny nod to herself, while looking equal parts angry and sad.

Meredith is staring at Thatcher when he wakes up. Matter-of-factly, she tells him that they found a match and will do the surgery that night. He's pleased but more confused than anything, given that they told him he wasn't eligible from the list. Quickly, like ripping off a band-aid, Mere tells him that it's not from the list, it's from her. Thatcher is rendered speechless as she tells him she was tested and is an ideal match, so she's going to go get herself admitted so they can do it. She turns to leave and he calls after her as best she can; when she comes back he tells her that he did this to himself, and therefore can't and won't let her fix it. He put her through enough already, and while it's totally generous it's an offer he can't accept. At least he has the wherewithal to admit that.

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