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Richard is at Thatcher's bedside, and he's not so sick he can't get in a dig, asking if the Chief is always this attentive or just to patients whose wives he had an affair with. Thatcher apologizes, and then asks how he did this to himself. In this week's PSA (I don't mean to belittle the point he's about to make -- AT ALL -- but things do take a weird ABC Afternoon Special turn for a moment. Richard explains how he would wake up and promise himself that last night was the last drink, and then once he made it a little while sober he'd "reward" himself with more. He reminds Thatcher that this is a disease, and when he's in it he can't stop. That said, Mere is offering him a second chance, and he needs to take it if he wants to live. Tears roll down Thatcher's face as he replies, "I took her childhood. I can't take anymore from her." He then tells Richard to take care of Mere and Lexie. "You owe me at least that." Even near death, these two are never going to forgive.

It seems that despite his storming off, Hunt listened to Izzie and she happily tells Alex that she's going back into surgery because of that right now. She then stops to ask him if he's okay and say she's sorry about the tick. He puts on as realistic a happy face as he can muster and assures her it's a small price to pay for fresh air. She happily kisses him and doesn't notice his strained face as she leaves. But I applaud him for taking Cristina's advice to heart and at least trying.

Mere is still mulling over her decision in the hallway, but as Derek continues to watch her she seems to make a decision and walks away.

Her destination is Thatcher's room, and Lexie is there with him to hear what she has to say. She tells him, with no sugarcoating, that all she remembers about Thatcher is that he's the guy who would pour her cereal, and that his dying wouldn't change her life much. However, it would absolutely break Lexie, and she won't let him do that. She doesn't know much about having a father, "But I do know what it's like to have a sister. And it's good." She also tells him that if they get through this, the door will be open for them to get to know one another. Lexie crumbles, but this time they are happy tears. And my heart is definitely warmed -- I love how they've come along with this relationship between the sisters, and I love that it's now this good.

Boys will be boys -- Mark is showing an impressed Derek and Hunt how the pump works in an empty conference room. Hunt asks if there's a risk with his age, and Mark replies that there's always risk, but this is the most technologically advanced solution to the problem. Cristina happens to be walking by at just that moment, and leaps to action at the idea of a technically advanced surgery. Hunt tries to warn her that she doesn't want this, but as Mark hides the apparatus with his hand Derek says he thinks this would be a real challenge for her. Mark asks if he thinks she could handle it, and she jumps in like a puppy about to accidentally pee on the floor that she can handle it. Derek challenges this but she assures him she can handle it, and Hunt watches this all unfold with a nervous smile. Mark gives her the room number and tells her to go handle the pre-op. She beams, thanks him, and runs out and Hunt admits that he's going to pay for this later but that it was worth it.

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