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Mere's VO started a moment before my DVR did so I missed the very beginning, but she seems to be talking about all one's life leading to one particular day. It's a particular day all of the residents have been looking forward to but the attendings, not so much. Richard reminds them that today is the day that the fifth year residents rotate in as lead surgeons. How quickly these doctors forget this own day in their lives, even though for Bailey and Callie it wasn't that long ago. They all make suitably disparaging remarks as Richard reminds them that they will stay silent and step in on a surgery only if they have to. Basically, now every day is one big Gunther exercise, then. Then, as casually as if he was announcing a change on the cafeteria menu, Richard tells them that effective that morning he resigned as Chief of Surgery and that Owen is taking over the position while Richard stays on staff as a regular surgeon. He turns the meeting right over but his audience doesn't care about Owen and just wants to know what happened. Meredith VO's that you can't prepare for the day when you step down. Well... yes, you can. You might now know totally how it will feel until you get there but in many -- or most, really -- cases you can absolutely plan for stepping down. This VO is really pushing it today. Arizona asks what happened while Derek asks bitchily if the Board is forcing him to step down. Teddy chooses the awkward lull that follows to even more awkwardly excitedly to call out to Owen, "You're the new Chief of Surgery! Nice!" That good sex must be affecting her ability to judge a room. Bailey doesn't say anything because she's in utter shock, her face a complete blank like she can't actually comprehend what is going on.

Mere and Cristina are walking and talking and Mere tells her and us that she hasn't heard anything about Zola yet. Cristina wonders if she is okay but Mere points out that she has to be okay because she is clipping first aneurysm that day. May your patient not find out you're in the middle of emotional turmoil when doing this highly specialized and risky procedure that basically either ends in success or death. Cristina is doing a valve replacement and is reveling in the fact that Teddy isn't allowed to say a word to her while she's working. Eventually April falls in step with them and then Alex -- they all ask about Zola and ask if "it" is up yet. "It" turns out to be the board with their names written on as lead surgeons. Alex is mocked for taking an "easy" bowel resection instead of a pediatric case. Jackson is mocked for doing plastics until he boasts that it's a kid with a cleft lip. April gets mocked for fixing someone's knee. Basically, it sounds like some of them are aiming higher than others today. But all is forgotten when April reminds them that they all have to start teaching skills labs, and the schedule is up in her office. Their notice is less about the labs and much more about her having an office.

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