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Alex is staring dejectedly into Sam's rotting bowels and tries to find some that will work, but April has to gently assure him they don't have enough. Alex has them turn the lights back on, and Richard puts down his book to see what might happen next.

Cristina admits that she really can't remember what she's doing, and Teddy is rubbing it in hard that she should remember this next time she's yelling at an intern to remember the basics. All the while, Cristina is holding up this appendix which looks a little like a chicken strip dipped in buffalo sauce. And... Now I'm totally not ordering that when I watch football this weekend. Cristina sucks it up and tells Teddy to go ahead and finish, but Teddy just tells her to take her time, and it will come back. As Cristina is assuring her this won't happen, a realization starts to dawn on her: Teddy doesn't know either. Teddy tries to deflect the accusation but it's no use and they argue back and forth about how long it's been since they each did the procedure while the nurse looks at them disgustedly over her mask and advises them on the next step.

As Mark finishes up the baby's surgery he can't help but rub salt in Jackson's wounded ego. Jackson is still holding on to the fact that he's the Gunther but any points he earned with Mark for that have all been lost today.

He may try to act like he doesn't care, but Alex seems rather despondent that if he just closes up his patient now, that basically means leaving him to die of sepsis. He turns and starts asking Richard questions, but Richard stays silent and eventually goes back to his book. You know he's reading the same paragraph over and over, though. April tells him she is sorry and he finally calms down and says sadly to just go ahead and close Sam back up.

We get artsy now as the music starts and a hand erases Jackson's name from the board. He glowers as the baby's mom gives Mark a big hug, and Mark, ever the very picture of maturity, gives Jackson a very pointed look over her shoulder.

The hand then erases Cristina's name as she and Teddy walk out of the OR and the disgraced surgeons agree in as few words as possible never to speak of this again. However, the nurse doesn't make any of her own promises as she shakes her head at them while walking out.

Alex's name is erased as he stares at Jason in the waiting room. April offers to go talk to him but Alex agrees to do it. Before he goes, April gently tells him that while Jason won't understand it, Alex did everything he could and needs to remember that. The fact that he doesn't make a snide comment back to her seems to say that he appreciates it. He then sucks it up and goes out to the waiting area.

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