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Mere is almost done -- she just needs to finish STAPLING THE GUY'S SCALP BACK IN PLACE OMG NO. I'd like to thank the show for giving me a visual of that, as well, because the sound of the stapler and the knowledge that it's being used on someone's head wasn't enough. I'm going to crawl out of my own skin. And I've HAD staples! Loads of them! But I never had to HEAR any of them going in! (Nor, full disclosure, did I ever have to look directly at them since they were in my back.) One of the people in the room -- I think the anesthesiologist? -- looks at Derek rather pointedly but when Derek does nothing, he starts a hearty round of slow-clapping for Meredith's job well done. She's happy until she turns and sees Derek; he finally joins in halfheartedly to not look like an asshole, but he's glaring at her and the smile drops right off of her face. Finally, her name is artfully erased from the board.

The now-humbled group of residents reconvenes in April's office but this time it's to do rather melancholy shots of tequila. Neither Cristina nor Meredith wants to go home, and Mere says maybe she'll come by later. Cristina is excited until Mere admits that if that happens, it means her marriage is truly over. Alex joins them, and after they drink they compare notes to see who lost the bet. Mere, obviously, is the winner. Cristina brags about her flawless appendectomy until Jackson snarks that a nurse had to finish it for her and Cristina is more shocked than she should be that that poor performance already made its way through the hospital grapevine. Jackson then gives Alex a hard time for his patient never even waking up and Cristina mocks him for blowing an easy procedure, and April steals a worried glance at Alex since she knows this is actually hitting right in his soft, unprotected underbelly. She tells Jackson to stop and he doesn't, so she announces that Jackson didn't actually perform his surgery so that means he must lose by default. Jackson is mortified since he told her that in confidence, but it gives April the little seed of camaraderie with the others that she needed. She then proposes a rematch and as they talk about it being a competition every day, she beams that her colleagues finally seem not to hate her.

Bailey is on her way out -- so this is really not ideal timing to begin with -- when Owen stops her and immediately launches into what he learned in the army: a leader is only as good as the people around him. She's one of the best, and he wants to make sure he has her on his side. It's true. The less you respond to a man, the more he will desperately want you. Richard arrives at the elevators and this time we don't pretend that there's any sort of magical sound barrier; he hears the whole painful conversation. She asks calmly if she's done anything wrong to make him say this and when he assures her no, she drives the knife right in and asks if he just wants her to like him. She's not swayed by his stuttering denials and keeps a very straight face, and finally he gives up and tells her to carry on.

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