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She walks up to Richard, and he cautions her that if she wants to be mad, it should be at him. She claims not to be and then singsongs that everyone knows who they really need to be mad at. Meredith better start sleeping with one eye open because Bailey is not messing around. Richard tells Bailey seriously that what Mere did was give him some extra time with Adele, so he's going to take advantage of that time and spend it with her. He is happy and wants her to be happy for him. She finally concedes that she'll try. But once they are in the elevator she adds that he's going to have to give her a little while. He brightly tells her that he'll wait. I still think hell is coming for Meredith from most of the Attendings and I just hope Richard doesn't continue to act shocked or like he can change it with a silly quip. He's a smart man, he should be able to gauge what is going on at his hospital, even if it's not totally his anymore.

Cristina and Owen are eating dinner, alone, together, at their own home, in what seems like the first time in quite a while. They still are struggling for conversation and resort to commending on the food. Cristina jumps up to do the dishes but Owen holds up a finger and tells her he has been feeling terrible. She immediately sits down, thinking it is Conversation Time. But after she asks if he wants to talk about it, he walks calmly to the bathroom and begins retching. She realizes he actually meant that he was feeling awful, and looks rather worried when he asks her if she had the spring rolls.

I'm shocked to see Derek actually at Meredith's house, and with a drink in hand at that, like he's planning to stay there. He walks right past her folding laundry but she's done with not talking about it and chastises him that they never should have been operating together earlier because they aren't currently a team. She needs to figure out with him now, before they (hopefully) throw Zola back into the mix, if they can be, so she tells Derek to say what he feels. He tells her he can't, and starts to explain that he'll say things he doesn't want to but Meredith is tired of this crap (thank God) and tells him, exasperated, just to spit it out. Seriously, Derek, you've had no problem badmouthing her to people or yelling at her in front of others, so what could you say right now that would shock her? She tells him that she can face the consequences but that is apparently Derek's biggest problem and he sneers that she's never accepted a consequence in her life. He points out that other people around her have been hurt but she hasn't suffered. She rightly throws back at him that she lost Zola because of this but he yells back, "So did I!" So, in Derek's world, that means it's not a serious enough consequence because she wasn't the only one to experience it. This is why I find him almost unwatchable. He's not a fun villain, he's just an ass. He then rehashes everything that she does without thinking about it first, such as stealing Zola, and she seems exhausted to remind him again that she told him why she did that. He doesn't think she really means it when she says she's sorry. Wow, this scene feels like it is 20 minutes long.

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