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They descend on the office like locusts and April looks like she might have preferred hungry bugs to these guys. She protests weakly but they ignore her and make themselves comfortable on her craigslist sofa. When she points out the skills lab schedule everyone has excuses as to why they can't teach one (to be fair, these excuses are things like clipping aneurysms so probably do take precedence) and they remind her that any of the surgery they do this year could wind up on their oral boards and affect what fellowships they get. April needs to learn that a smart person doesn't get in between Cristina and her career. Meredith proposes that they have a contest, and the person who has the worst outcome from their surgery has to teach the labs for the month. Everyone but April is into this idea, but for the millionth time they ignore her protests and then continue to ignore her as she tries to shoo them out of her office. What does finally get their attention is when Jackson checks his Blackberry and announces that Webber resigned and Owen is now Chief. No one looks as shocked as Cristina at this bombshell.

Derek is packing up his ill-fated trial when Richard walks in; Derek pouts that someone in Phoenix is taking over the trial, while is he blacklisted and might never get to do another trial ever again. He really should hire a violin player to provide him a tragic soundtrack to match his attitude. Richard is much less devastated that he is also on the blacklist, and he doesn't take the bait when Derek accuses that he allowed the Board to fire him. Do we think he really had a choice? Although actually it sounds like maybe he did, and yet he resigned. Or "fired himself," as he puts it. I guess being Chief really does have its perks, including being allowed to mess with a groundbreaking medical clinical trial without fear of serious repercussions. Derek thinks it was one thing to take the blame for Meredith but another entirely to step down, but Richard has had enough of this topic and pointedly says that he was just there to ask about Zola. Derek hasn't heard. And he STILLwon't let it drop, and tells Richard all angrily that this isn't right. Richard is a bigger person than I for not pointing out that Derek is acting like a brat right now.

As the girls walk up the stairs, Cristina wonders out loud how Owen could possibly not tell her about being Chief. Mere starts to delicately ask a question but Cristina tackles it head-on and just asks if it's because she didn't have his baby. As they discuss it they run into Owen, and he and Cristina have the most awkward-polite conversation one can imagine. Like they met at a wedding and spent the night together and run into each other at the hotel check-out desk the next day bad. There's lots of stammering and over-loud laughing and assuring each other everything is okay as Owen says that he wanted to tell her, but she was asleep when she got home... we've all been here, which makes it actually all the more painful to watch. They wish each other good luck -- she with her valve replacement and he with being the boss, and then talk about celebrating. She can't do dinner because she has a long surgery, so they settle on performing an awkward hug-dance and then he leaves. Mere assures Cristina that that was pitiful.

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