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Cristina and a group of good-for-nothing interns (well, I'm filling in her thought process based on the look of her face) (and kind of what happens next) are in with her valve replacement patient, while Teddy leans in the doorway as an observer. As the interns proudly go through all of the tests they have run in advance of the surgery Cristina listens, unimpressed, and finally asks if any of them have felt her stomach. She doesn't expect the answer to be no, and she rails at them about the importance of fundamentals. Teddy somehow manages to not bust a gut laughing at the hypocrisy as she watches the little tableau unfold in front of her. Cristina then examines the woman's abdomen and sends her for more tests.

Jackson, meanwhile, is talking to a very hot young mom about her little baby, who has the cleft lip. While she is scared about him having surgery so young, Jackson assures her that this is the time to do it so that his muscles can then form properly. Arizona has assumed the Attending Stance: leaning against the door with crossed arms, observing and adding a bit of silent pressure as well. After he explains it all, the baby wriggles and grins at him as the mom thanks him profusely. I'm not sure if this is television magic or if they really got a baby with a cleft lip but no matter what, that kid is also ridiculously cute. I was about to marvel at this and muse, "It's like there's a factory somewhere in which they are churning out cute babies for TV!" Um, Self? There is. It's called Hollywood. So, okay, then, big congrats to the casting director who is batting a thousand with the wee ones on this show.

Out in the hall Arizona proves that she's still probably the coolest and most supportive Attending as she tells Jackson he was excellent and runs through all of what he did right. But he's shocked when she finishes by telling him that Mark is going to do the surgery because she wants a different procedure used than what Jackson is planning. Jackson argues that this is his case but his protests are no match for Mark's artistry and Arizona holds firm.

The next guinea pig patient is Sam, the guy who Richard mentioned had been his patient for years. He's in for his third bowel resection, which sounds like quite a party. His son has taken off as semester from school is there to help out with his recovery even though his dad doesn't agree with his decision. The two of them banter and are generally lovable and awesome, so my first thought was, "Sam, no! This isn't going to end well." April is having a good time joining in and starts to tell Alex about Sam's history with Richard but Alex kills the mood in the room dead when he sneers at her to just give him the bullet. She does, and now Sam and Jason look both chastised and also rightly worried about the man who is going to cut Sam open.

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