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Arizona, Teddy and Bailey are taking a break from their babysitting duties to hang out in the lounge and gossip about what happened to the Chief. Teddy asks if they are all supposed to pretend they don't know what happened, and Arizona asks what Richard's "deal" is with Meredith. It's funny -- because since it's common knowledge for us viewers I thought it was common knowledge among the doctors that Ellis and Richard had a History. From the little we have seen and heard, it doesn't sound like discretion was their number one concern during that time. But I guess they must not know, and I guess no one is going to consider for a second that Mere was helping Adele out from her own warped sense of goodness. Even if they don't agree with what she did, they must be able to imagine that Richard wouldn't want Mere raked over the coals for that. Richard walks in at just that moment and jauntily heads over to the fridge with his lunch and peeks inside. Once he asks about the office Fridge Etiquette he sets his down and tells it he'll see it later. He's in quite a jolly mood, but the women look at him like he has a head injury and once he leaves Teddy muses about how hard he's trying and how noble that makes him. Bailey can't handle what she saw or the talk about it and she leaves.

April runs after Owen and Callie with a bottle of congratulatory scotch for him from Larry Jennings. She's about to run and put it in his office but remembers to tell Callie that she has to push her surgery a day so that she can teach a skills lab. Callie is appalled and neither she nor Owen is impressed when they find out that she also has to assist Alex because she can't convince anyone else (even an intern, it seems) to do it. Owen brings up a variation of an old chestnut: Don't try to get them to listen to you, just order them to do it. Has he met the other residents, by the way? He's married to the Queen of Not Listening so you think he might understand. He adds that leadership isn't about making friends.

After April leaves, Callie congratulates him on acting, "chiefy." But then he has a much less "chiefy" moment when Bailey walks up and demands her call schedule, essentially putting him is play by reminding him how 1. He's not like Richard and 2. He's not yet done what he told her he would do. Her general attitude is that she has already judged him and he has been found severely wanting. He can only stammer nervously and once she saunters away, Callie points out that this was in fact, "way less chiefy." Owen asks her what he did but Callie assures him that since Bailey was Richard's right-hand man, she'd treat any replacement like this. But she does ask an important question: Leadership might not be about making friends, but does he really want Bailey as an enemy?

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