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When Cristina discovers that her patient just has appendicitis she walks out to Teddy and gripes that she's going to send the woman down to general surgery. Teddy gets all wide-eyed and innocently asks why Cristina doesn't do the appendectomy herself. Cristina gives her a litany of reasons: not a cardio procedure, not a fifth year procedure, etc. We (and Teddy) have heard the likes of this before but Teddy opines that since the patient needs her heart monitored and will have to have an open surgery, this is definitely something Cristina wouldn't want a moron to do. She basically orders Cristina to take the procedure while happily tossing her own words back at her from just that morning -- she loves the basics and fundamentals! Cristina has to eat her words and judging by the look on her face, they taste like bile.

When April goes back to Sam's room, he is sleeping but Jason asks her a number of questions about his dad's recovery and what his duties will be. His mom handled them after the last two but she's not here this time so he wants to be prepared. April explains that there could be a couple of different outcomes from the surgery, and she'll get Alex to come talk them over with him. Jason tries to approach his next question delicately, asking if Alex is cool. But the delicacy is forgotten when he adds that Alex seems kind of "douchey." April tries to suppress her smile and admits that he can be, but that he's a good guy and a great surgeon, and this seems to appease Jason for now.

Mere is looking at what looks like a display from one of the bead shops that were so popular when I was growing up, where you could make your own jewelry and I always came out with some variety of very big, very colorful earrings. These aren't beads, though, but tons of different tiny brain clips. Richard walks in to wish her luck and when she explains that she's choosing what to use in surgery, he tells her that she won't know what she needs to use until she is in the OR and looking at it. He then reminisces about a resident's first aneurysm and tells her that this is a big deal, and that after she's done Derek will lead the staff in a hearty round of applause. Meredith manages not to fall off her stool with tragic laughter but does mumble that she's not sure if he'll do that today. Seriously, has Richard been paying attention? Evidently not, since he asks Mere if she and Derek are okay. He must already have forgotten that he had to yell at Derek for being an overly harsh asshole after they had their meeting with Larry Jennings. Mere doesn't say anything so Richard just warns that if she can't communicate with her attending, then they have no business being in the OR no matter how prepared they are. Mere isn't ready to deal with that, so she tells Richard that they are fine. Oh, MEREDITH, it's like you're a compulsive liar these days. TRY HONESTY. I get it, but dude. Richard accepts her answer but he seems to maybe not entirely believe her.

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