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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
ame. "Miyazaki. Yeah, she's like a rock star in Japan." Yumi smiles at him. Alex asks Coach to tell Yumi that he saw her on TV, and he's an athlete, too -- a wrestler. Coach translates, "The young doctor wants you to know that he is a wrestler. I think he's flirting with you." Hee. Yumi responds in Japanese between hiccups, "Tell him I eat little boys like him for breakfast." Coach thinks on this for a second, then tells Alex that Yumi wonders how a wrestler got smart enough to be a doctor, because most wrestlers she knows are dumb. Alex, all cocky, says to tell her she hasn't been hanging out at the right gyms. Bailey stops this little exchange by telling Coach to tell Yumi that her hiccups could be an indicator of something much more serious, and she needs an esophagram. Coach says Yumi is competing that day, so can't they just give her a stronger dose of that drug? Bailey baileys, "Did the hiccups come back?" Coach: "Yes." Bailey: "THEN IT DIDN'T WORK." Awesome. Not so awesome is the fact that Bailey can barely get out of the room before she's nearly doubled over in pain. Contractions? Bailey stands there in agony for a minute, then realizes something is bad wrong. "All right, somebody page Addison Shepherd." Commercials.

When we get back, Addison's got Bailey up on the ultrasound table. She says her contractions look like nothing more than Braxton-Hicks. Bailey says that may be, but she recognizes the mild-concern tone in Addie's voice, as she's used it herself on patients. Addison gently tells her that false labor is sometimes the body's way of telling us to slow down. Bailey's all, "I'm a surgeon. There ain't no damn slowing down." Addie tries to get Bailey to understand the realities of her pregnancy, and Bailey says the first thing Addie can do is help her get down off that table. Addison's hair, by the way, is down here, and she looks beautiful, unlike when they pull it back so tightly she's nearly Asian. Pay attention, stylists! Izzie interrupts to tell Bailey there are some questions about Yumi's esophagram. When Bailey's out of the room, Addie asks Izzie to look after Bailey today, and keep an eye out for any painful contractions -- more than five an hour, anything that could indicate pre-term labor. Izzie rolls her eyes, still hating Addison for her mean trick. Addison reminds Izzie that the favor's not for her, and she knows that. Izzie knows, but pretends she doesn't care.

And here's where my sound went out for a few minutes. Here's what's on the screen: Burke greets a patient, who is the woman we'll learn later is unnaturally and incredibly happy. He tells her something with a look of concern, which I'm guessing is about her heart since he's there. The woman doesn't care -- she's all smiles! She holds out her hand to show Burke and Meredith a wedding ring. Burke and Mere watch her babble with mild bemusement. She points to a man who is presumably her new husband. He smiles, and says something to Burke and Mere. Happy Mirthington calls her new husband over, and proceeds to giggle and kiss and love all over him. Mere and Burke say some stuff to the new husband, now looking a little worried. Happy just keeps smiling.

Out in the hall, Mere and Burke confer. Oh, hey, sound! Mere thinks that Happy is high as a kite. Burke is skeptical, but tells Mere to order a tox screen just in case. He really doubts she's on anything, and says you develop a sixth sense about these things. Mere counters, "Everybody's a liar." The dog, inexplicably roaming the hospital halls, barks in their general direction. Burke: "Dr. Grey, is that a dog?" Mere: "No."

Outside Rick's room, McDreamy tells Cristina she was a little harsh in there. Cristina says he was lying, and besides, his harsh is another man's refreshing! McDreamy says they need to be compassionate; the man lost his fingers and his one remaining habit all in one day. Cristina is not understanding this thing he speaks of, this "compassionate." McDreamy: "It's an emotion. Have you ever heard of it?" Cristina suddenly wheels on him. "Have YOU?" Ooh, this should be good. McDreamy stares at her in surprise. Cristina says Mere's barely back on her feet, and he's got her calling him McDreamy again. "You know, I was just telling the patient the truth. You might want to try it sometime." Face hard!

Webber passes by an open utility closet, and finds George in there frantically searching for Sophie's new remote. Webber asks George whatever happened to the "upper hand." George asks Webber if he's ever actually met Sophie. Webber: "Why do you think she's been here this long? In a private room." Oh, Webber, you pushover! George can't believe Sophie handled Webber, too. Webber's all, "Well, she sang for the troops, you know!" George pleads with Webber to let Sophie stay, just until her room at her daughter's house is ready. Webber nixes this idea, then says all wink-winkily, "Not on surgical service, anyway." George gets it, and heads over to Sophie's room.

Sophie tells George she's missing her program, and certainly doesn't see a remote in that hot little hand of his. George tells Sophie he noticed her urine output has increased slightly since yesterday, and he's going to have to take her to gynecology to make sure she doesn't have a prolapsed uterus. George is so cute when he's trying to be sly. Sophie says her uterus hasn't seen any action in years. George says he knows, but it might be an issue now..."you know, one that could keep you here, in the hospital, for tests." Sophie grins and grabs the bar on her bed. "You drive. I'll ride shotgun." Izzie arrives just then and tells George he's not moving out. She helps him wheel Sophie out of the room as George tells her he sure is. "I gave an ultimatum. I threw down the gauntlet. I drew my line in the sand!" Izzie says he'll just have to un-give, un-throw, and un-draw. George reminds her that Meredith had a choice, and she chose the dog. If I recall correctly, she didn't actually choose anything, just sat there with her face screwed up in confusion. Sophie can't believe a girl chose a dog over George. George agrees.

Alex stares at his unopened envelope. In front of him is a tray holding a giant pile of hot dogs. Eating contest! George and Cristina sit down with their similarly loaded trays. Izzie is supposed to be refereeing, but she first wants to know what she's supposed to put on the flyer advertising their bad, bad dog. Cristina suggests, "Destructive, aggressive hell-dog available!" Heh. Mere sits down and tells George hey. George glares at her, then spits, "Don't talk to me! You'll only make me mad." He's afraid she'll mess up his game, and he's in the zone. Izzie gets her stopwatch ready, then yells, "Go!" And it's on. The three competitors down their hot dogs as fast as they can. It is by turns hilarious and disgusting. George takes the "stuff the most food in my mouth possible at one time" approach. Alex takes lots of tiny, rapid bites. Cristina eschews both methods and concentrates on eating the wienies first, sometimes two at a time. In a nod to Takeru Kobayashi, the actual hot-dog eating champion, Cristina wets her buns before eating them. That came out much dirtier than I intended. Fine, it totally didn't. While this is going on, Mere and Izzie discuss the dog and try not to retch. They're arguing about the flyer when Cristina raises her hands in victory. "It's a record!" George, his mouth still full of hot dog, tries to protest, but it's clear: Cristina's the champ. She stands up and starts talking a bunch of trash, then stops suddenly, a look of revulsion on her face. Izzie cries, "Crap, she's gonna blow!" and everyone runs away from the table in terror. Cristina tries to hold it in as we go to commercial. Best. Scene. Ever.

We return to Webber's assistant telling him about an angry l

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