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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
and barks, "Complications of Boerhaave's Syndrome. Go!" Izzie reels off the list as they rush off to meet Yumi. Alex is already there, and tells them she's cyanotic and tachycardic, and he's given her saline. Bailey says they need to get her to the OR, and as they start wheeling her, Yumi grabs Alex's hand. Alex glares at Coach through the window, and says he should be the one on this freaking gurney. Bailey tells him to keep his eyes on the prize, which is saving Yumi's life. Alex and Izzie hang back, because Alex would like to kick a little Coach-y ass. Izzie tells him he's an idiot if he's going to get in a fight and get himself kicked out of the program before he's even opened his board scores. Well, there is a 50% chance it won't matter anyway.

In surgery, Bailey quizzes Alex on what she's doing, and has to stop and take a deep breath. She throws her head back in anguish, and Izzie tells her that those are not Braxton-Hicks contractions. "I believe you're in pre-term labor." Bailey gives Izzie a look that says she might, kind of, maybe agree this time, and Izzie pages Webber.

Webber bursts into the OR all, "Why didn't you call me sooner?" He gets ready to take over. Bailey tells him she was going to fashion a gastric patch, and Webber reminds her that he taught her the procedure. Aw. He tells her to leave, now. She does, but she haaaaates it.

Burke calls Meredith over to the reception desk, mad as hell. "I got paged, Dr. Grey...for the results of the extensive bloodwork that I ordered. You forged my signature?" Mere looks sheepish. "That's really bad, right?" Heh. Burke says yes, that's really bad, and also, Happy's screen came back negative, again. Mere can't believe it. Burke asks her to please let him know next time she's going to forge his signature. Mere: "That's it? You're not going to yell and say 'Damn it, Grey!' and storm out?" Burke says (sexily, lest you've forgotten) that he will if she wants him to. Mere declines. The tox screen nurse hands Burke another report: Happy's serotonin level is through the roof. A light bulb goes off in Burke's head, and he asks Mere when Happy developed asthma. Mere says after her first surgery, why? Cut to Burke telling Happy and her husband that they found a very rare carcinoid tumor in her lung. It's very hard to diagnose, and masks itself as a mass of seemingly unrelated symptoms, like valve failure, asthma, and -- ding ding ding! -- an increased level of serotonin in the blood, which is what's giving Happy a false sense of euphoria. Happy giggles. It's funny. Mr. Kline is relieved as hell that his wife has a tumor, and isn't actually this happy. "Thank God." Happy giggles some more, and brushes off all these people with their talks of tumors. She claims to be infected with love. Mere says she's sorry, but her body is lying to her mind. Happy crows, "Let the lie continue!" Mr Kline: "How soon can you cure her?" Burke says they'll operate tomorrow, and Happy will be back to normal.

Out in the hall, Mere thanks Burke for not chewing her out for forging his signature. Burke responds with some thanks of his own. "It was probably you who convinced Cristina. She's very strong, but she listens to you. If you told her to move in...anyway. Thank you." Sniff. Mere watches him walk off all, "No problem."

McDreamy has Rick in surgery. As he prepares to reattach the fingers, he asks Rick if he's got any sensation in his left arm at all. Rick says no, and a nurse goes to put a sheet up. Rick asks if he could watch, because he wants to see every nerve and blood vessel he's going to screw up if he ever smokes again. "Not that I'm gonna. Ever again. I smoked my last cigarette." Cristina gives him a supportive look, and McDreamy nods back at her as well. "Okay," he says. "Let's get started."

Sophie's daughter has arrived, and she's not happy. She asks a nurse how hard it could be to remove her old and infirm mother from the hospital. The nurse is like, "Have you actually met your mother?" Daughter says fine, and asks where she is now. George is passing by and overhears. He introduces himself, and says Sophie is in the infectious disease wing now. Daughter understands, and says her mother is unbelievable. George gushes, "Yeah, she is! So, is her room ready? Because I can go and get her right now." Daughter, of course, has no room ready for Sophie. Poor George is like, "But…the pink room? No?" Daughter gives George a bitchy look. Shut up, Daughter.

Cut to Sophie in her room, watching her program. George walks in and says hi. Sophie: "Irish! What a wonderful surprise! You won't catch my 'disease,' will you?" Aw. George says he thinks he'll be okay, then has to break the news that her daughter was just there. Sophie's face falls, and she tells George that nursing homes are for old people. "I know I'm elderly. I do know that. But if I have to go to that place...I'm afraid I'll become old." George takes her hand, and says he doesn't think that's possible. Strummy la-la music plays and the tears start to fall as George tells Sophie he would keep her here if he could. Sophie says oh, no, darling, he can't waste any more time with her. "You have to go balls out with the dog." George is like, "Excuse me?" Sophie says so what if she chose an animal over him? Women are fools; that's old news. "But life's too short for you to give in, Irish. So fight. You fight for what's yours." George looks at Sophie with wonder, and brings up her hand to kiss it. He walks out, and she calls after him, "Now that, my a swagger." George slides her door shut and places his hand on the glass. Sophie holds her hand up in return, and OH MY GOD, the tears. I should also tell you that I saw Brokeback Mountain just before I started this recap, which might possibly have something to do with my uncontrollable crying. Or, you know, that's just how I roll.

Webber is just finishing up Yumi's surgery when Grouchy Nurse knocks on the window and holds up a sheet of paper. Webber ignores her, so she walks in with a mask over her face and informs him that the second shift nurses aren't coming in, because they're going on strike. She says she's put in a call for temps, but this is his official notification that they officially go on strike in ten official days. Webber is speechless, which is a good time for commercials.

When we come back, Yumi is out of surgery and whispering frantically to Alex and Izzie. They go get the translator so she'll understand what's going on, and run into Coach in the hall. Alex wants to know what the hell he's doing here. Coach says he thought she would be fine, and he's sorry. Alex doesn't want to hear it. "Tell her. Tell her how her career is over because of you." Coach looks in at Yumi, and walks in sadly. He goes to her bedside, and bows as low as he can. Aw. Even Alex looks affected. He pulls out his mystery envelope, and asks Izzie to open it, saying he can't. Izzie wastes no time ripping it open. She looks at it, and says, "Congratulations. You are not an idiot. Except when you're being an idiot." Yay! That's Doctor Idiot to you.

Cristina checks on Rick, and reports to McDreamy that he's doing fine, except for the cigarette cravings. McDreamy says good, then adds, "I was being nice to her. I can be nice without being..." "McDreamy," Cristina finishes. "I know." McDreamy says he really can. Cristina says okay. McDreamy: "Okay then." Heh.

Bed Rest Bailey is being wheeled out of the hospital in her regular-people clothes. Izzie hands her a gift from all of them, at which she rolls her eyes. Addie, hair still down, smiles as Bailey is wheeled into the elevator. Bailey stops the door with her foot and faces down her interns. "I may be forty-seven months pregnant, I may be on bed rest, I may not be able to see my own feet. But I am Dr. Bailey. I hear everything. I know everything. I'm watching each and every one of you, and I WILL RETURN." The door c

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