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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
loses, and all the interns look kind of scared. AS THEY SHOULD.

The hospital is abuzz with news about the nurses' strike. Webber turns to Burke and McDreamy at the board and tells them, "You are all a bunch of arrogant surgeons." McDreamy and Burke just look at each other and laugh, arrogantly.

Cristina finds Mere, once again, in the observation deck. Mere says Izzie refuses to take the dog home. Cristina sits down heavily. "Fine. If you want me to tell Burke I didn't move in, I'll tell him." Mere says no, don't tell him -- at least not right now, or tonight. "It can wait. I lied about Derek. We're not just friends. I mean, I'm not. He's still McDreamy." Cristina says she knows, and pats her arm. Best friends!

The poor dog is resting on the floor of the locker room. George sits down on a bench next to Meredith and launches right into his Sophie-inspired speech. He says he knows she's going through a bad time, and she gets to be a little selfish, but she doesn't get to choose a dog over him. "I'm George. I sleep down the hall from you. I buy your tampons. I have held your hand every time you've asked. I've earned the right to be not have you think of me as less than a dog you got at the pound." Aw, Georgie. He tells Mere that he's not moving out; whether she likes it or not, he's staying. Mere has little to no reaction here, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's just stunned speechless at George's very awesomeness right there in front of her. Anyway, she starts a voice-over: "No matter how hard we try to ignore it or deny it, eventually the lies fall away."

Cut to Cristina and Burke in bed, at "their" house. Burke puts his arm around her and says he's glad she moved in. Cristina, only having to think about it for a second, says she is too. MereVO: "Whether we like it or not."

Mere, Izzie, and George pull up to McDreamy's trailer and get out with the dog and all his paraphernalia. McDreamy and Addie run out of the trailer and greet their new pet. McDreamy is very cute with the dog, all, "Hey Doc! Welcome home, buddy!" But Addison is even cuter, gushing about how beautiful he is and bending down to pet him. Mere thanks them for doing this, since it's a lot to ask. Addie says it's all right, and takes the leash from Mere. She leads Doc inside, leaving the rest of them to have an awkward moment. Izzie says she and George will just wait in the car. Mere stands a little closer to McDreamy and says the dog chews everything, doesn't like cats or small yappy dogs, and also...not housebroken. McDreamy gives her the Sex Eyes and grins, "Oh." He says it will be fine, and besides, he's got all this land going to waste. Mere doesn't really believe him, but McDreamy lies that it's just a dog, it doesn't mean anything, and the dog will be okay. They exchange another little moment of longing, and Mere tells him good night. As she walks back to her car, he watches her walk away. Mere voice-overs that the truth about the truth is that it hurts like a bitch, and we fade out.

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