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Richard walks down a hallway and bumps into Addison, who is just leaving Adele's room. He tells her, "I just heard the news." Oh, comic miscommunication. Before Addison spills the beans about Adele, the Chief tells her that he's talking about Joe and Walter and the potential adoption. Richard assumes the birth mother is in the room Addison just left, and he moves to walk into the room in order to give a character reference for Joe and Walter. Addison stops him, telling him that there's a teenage girl in stirrups in that room who would probably not like to have Richard walk in on her. Nice lying, Addie.

Now Alex is sitting with Meredith. She asks him if he's going to give her an inspirational pep talk. He's not -- he's content to just sit with her in silence. I wish every character were like Alex.

Izzie chases George down in the hallway. He tries to brush her off, but she insists that it's not about her. Oh, Izzie, don't you know that everything is about you? Instead, she wants to talk about Meredith -- she wants to know what George thinks they should do. George: "There's nothing to do." Izzie is shocked to hear it, but George points out that in a week he'll be gone, implying that he doesn't really care. Izzie asks him if the transfer means that they won't be friends anymore. His mouth doesn't answer, but his eyes say that's exactly what he means. George walks away, but Izzie stops him and asks him if he heard a word Bailey said about ruining his career. And then they hear the three mountain climbers talking about how they left their friend behind. It's all "we shouldn't have left him" and "if we hadn't, we'd be dead too." God, metaphor -- we heard you the first time. Just to drive it home, one of the climbers says, "You don't climb all the way up there together just to leave a man behind." This has apparently touched George's shrunken heart, because he looks very thoughtful as he walks away.

And now to a feature of the show that I consistently enjoy -- the friendship between Addison and Callie. Addison: "I am being stalked by pregnant women." Callie: "You're an obstetrician." Addison: "And barren." Addison complains that maybe she'd have a fighting chance to have a kid if she were gay, or a teenager, or a really old lady. Callie commiserates with Addison, but it's kind of half-hearted. Addison catches the look on her face: "No. Oh, no, not you too?" Rest easy; Callie's not pregnant, she's just thinking about it. Because what better time is there to get pregnant when you suspect that your husband is having an affair? But Callie's thinking is that George's transfer gives them a fresh start, making it a good time to get knocked up. Addison is the perfect supportive friend, telling Callie, "It's a great time. Don't let me and my fossilized eggs discourage you." As Addison walks away, Callie asks if they'll still be friends if Callie gets pregnant. Addison: "Absolutely not."

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