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George walks up to the Chief, who asks him if he's finally worked up the nerve to discuss his transfer. But that's not why George is there; he wants to talk to the Chief about Meredith's test breakdown.

In the O.R., Burke and Cristina are watching while Callie does something...with a screwdriver? Are they operating on a mountain climber or the Tin Woodsman? Cristina is scoffing at the idea of freezing your ass off and risking your life to climb a mountain. Burke: "It's a way to test yourself, your endurance. You put yourself through a situation like that, and you know exactly who you are. What you're made of." Callie asks if he's climbed before. He hasn't, but he's making the ascent up Mount Yang in the morning. It's a cold climb, but the view is tremendous once you reach the top. It turns out that Callie used to be a climber: "It's intense. I mean, it's painful and hellish and you think your lungs are shredding, but man, when you get to the top, there is nothing like it. Makes the whole climb worth it." Could the writers of this show get some damn therapy over the summer? Because if this is the best metaphor they can come up with for love, they are seriously screwed up. Callie finishes up her work on the transmission and leaves the O.R.

And now Callie is in Mark's O.R. The climber's hands are in worse shape than Mark anticipated, and he's going to amputate them both. Izzie is observing, and she thinks this is a bad idea, but Mark points out that if they don't take the hands, the deep infections will almost certainly kill him. In other words, they need to leave his hands behind.

In Derek's O.R., he's operating on a spine and quizzing George about, um, spines. Derek likes George's answer and tells him he must have aced the test. And then he asks, "How did Meredith do?" George mumbles a bit and then tells him, "Don't worry, though. I talked to the Chief." Derek wonders what he would need to talk to the Chief about, and George realizes that Meredith hasn't told Derek about her breakdown. And really, I can't imagine that we're supposed to take this as some kind of deep flaw in their relationship. I think that after you seriously fuck up the way Meredith did, the people you love the most are the last people you're going to talk with. Anyway, George tells Derek about Meredith's non-performance on the test.

Crush and her pretty new hair are pacing in her room. You know, considering that she has no insurance, I'm pretty amazed that she's scored a private room for so long. Alex enters, closes the door, and proceeds to lay a guilt trip on Crush about all the police resources that are being used trying to find her (or, more precisely, to find her identity). He also talks about all of the family members who must be crying and missing Crush. But Crush trumps him by noting that her husband never came looking for her. She thinks it's her business, but Alex wants her to think of her daughter. He threatens to expose her, but she points out that he really doesn't know anything about her: "It'll be my word against yours." And with that pretty new hair, people are sure to believe her.

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