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George is scrubbing up after his surgery when Izzie enters the room. Apparently, George paged her. He tells her that he's figured out a way to help Meredith, but he has to handle the post-op on Derek's patient so he needs Izzie to handle the details of rescuing Meredith. He tells her, "I can't do it without your help, and I won't leave the program without knowing that she's still in it." Izzie responds, "You're not leaving the program." I don't know if she's being stubborn or stupid. Calmly, without whining or begging, she tells him that they messed up when they had sex, but that it was just sex: "I think we both wanted it to mean something, because you didn't want to feel like that guy that cheats on his wife, and I didn't want to feel like that girl that put you in that position in the first place. But the truth is, it didn't mean anything. I know you think I have feelings for you, but I don't. So you can stay. You're not leaving the program." For the Izzie and George that I know, everything she just said is exactly true. For Izzie and George recently created by the writers, I think everything she said is a big fat lie. And this is clearly Izzie v. 2.0, because she walks into a supply closet and cries us into commercials.

Callie walks down the hall with Mark, who praises her for performing three procedures in such quick succession. She's justifiably proud of how kick-ass she is. Mark tells her that it seems that Bailey's not a total shoo-in for Chief Resident after all. Am I crazy? I thought Callie was a third-year resident? That is, one year behind Bailey? Bailey overheard this comment of Mark's, and looks shocked, shocked that anyone but her would be considered for Chief Resident. She slowly walks up to Callie and asks her if she's competing for the job. Callie calls her on her disbelief, noting that she's a great surgeon and more than qualified for the position. Bailey tries to blow it off, but Callie won't quite let it go: "Look, we all know that you're the Chief's favorite. That doesn't mean I can't take a shot."

Izzie opens the door to the Chief's office (or maybe a conference room) and lets Meredith in. The Chief tells Izzie that she can leave, and she quietly tells Meredith that they'll be outside. Meredith: "You don't have to." Izzie: "Shut up." Hey, that was a flash of original old school Izzie. I miss her. Meredith stands there and clears her throat while the Chief stares at her. She defensively tells him that she doesn't need a lecture. He interrupts her and tells her that the exam is sitting on the table, along with the stuff she needs to complete the exam (pencils, water, etc.). He tells her that he'll send a proctor in, and "I'll come back in a few hours and check on you." Since the test is only two hours long, I hope he'll find an empty room when he comes back. Meredith looks to be near tears as she tells him, "You are not my father." Richard: "I know that." Meredith wipes a tear off her cheek. The Chief waits a second, and then puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her in for a hug. And Meredith finally lets her guard down and really starts to cry.

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