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Derek walks down the hall with a chart, and sees Meredith sitting in the room taking the test. And then he sees the other interns sitting on a stairwell waiting for her to finish. And he looks troubled. I'm starting to hate this guy. Just a few episodes ago he told her that he couldn't breathe for her, which I think communicated fairly strongly that he didn't want her to rely on him for everything. And now she's standing on her own feet and letting her friends help her when she needs it, and he acts all disappointed that she doesn't want him to be her savior. His hair is not pretty enough to make up for him being such an inconsistent prick.

On the stairs, Alex notes that at least test day is almost over. Cristina: "Speak for yourself. I'm getting married tomorrow." Izzie looks over at George, who is studiously ignoring her.

It's Joe's. Addison walks up to a table at which Derek, Burke, and Mark are seated. She asks them if this is the big bachelor party they invited her to, and tells them that she's not going to strip for them. Derek and Mark tell her that they've both seen it already. So I guess that means they know what they're missing. Poor bastards. Burke notes that he hasn't seen her goodies, but she just offers to buy the first round instead. Mark goes with her to help with the drinks. Derek asks Burke if Cristina's written her vows; he has no idea. Burke asks Derek how Meredith is doing; he has no idea. Of course, he would have had some idea if he had joined her damn friends and waited for her to finish the test like a good boyfriend. Fucker. Derek asks, "It shouldn't be this difficult, should it?" As long as you're being written by Shonda and Company, I'm afraid it will be. Burke thinks that as long as he makes it to the top of the mountain, it will all have been worth it.

At the bar, Mark and Addie are waiting for drinks in a very awkward silence. He finally asks her how it was in L.A. She tells him it was different, except that everyone still had wildly inappropriate romantic connections and way too much drama. But at least it was sunny. And then Addison tells him that it doesn't have to be awkward between them just because they failed as a couple. She still wants to be friends. He suggests they be friends with benefits, and she shoots him down. Oh, come on, Addie -- take one last ride on the McSteamy express before you head to California. Joe brings the drinks, and Addison asks him how things went with Potential Birth Mom. Joe thinks Walter wants to kill him for being so awkward and possibly screwing up their chances, but he won't know until Walter gets back from taking her to the bus station. Addison reassures him that he'll make a great dad, even if it doesn't happen right away. Joe asks her if she ever thinks about having kids. Addison: "All the time." Since last week, at least.

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