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The last climber arrives with a spine injury. Izzie and George find themselves watching together, alone, and she asks him if he's okay. He tells her that he was accepted at Mercy West. You can tell that she knows she's supposed to say something congratulatory, but she just can't do it. Instead, she asks if he's going to go. George: "I kind of have to now." Izzie just looks at him. And then Bailey catches the interns not studying and gives them hell. She's wheeling some device down the hall, and as she advances, Cristina and Meredith slowly back away from her. She tells us that the five inters with the lowest scores on the test will be cut from the program. You mean there are more than five interns at this hospital? Bailey goes on to ask them, "But are you studying for this test? No, you're not. Are you helping out in the E.R.? You are most certainly not! Are you getting the hell out of here before I throw you out? I think ya are!"

Alex chases after Derek in the hall. Derek asks him if he's not supposed to be studying. Alex just wants to ask if the surgery Derek performed on Crush last week could have restored her memory. Derek doesn't think so, but is pleased when Alex tells him that he thinks her memory is returning. Derek suggests some kind of test they can run, and then returns to his frozen patient. On the way, he runs into Addison, telling her, "Nice work, Dr. Montgomery." She thanks him, while humbly acknowledging that she was just directing traffic. Derek: "I was being sarcastic." Addison: "Oh, like brain surgery's so impressive." Derek: "It is, actually." And then Joe and his boyfriend Walter call Addison over to them. She asks if everything is okay, and they tell her that they came especially to consult with her. She jokingly asks them to confirm that they're not pregnant, but it turns out that they are. Or at least, their potential birth mother is pregnant. Joe tells Addison how quickly their adoption application turned into a real live pregnant woman. Walter: "I guess having a baby is easier than we thought." Addison hides her pain at hearing this. And then Joe tells Addison that the potential birth mother is in Seattle, and they'd really like Addison to examine her. Addison tells them to schedule an appointment, and Joe tells her that they can't really wait, since the young woman in question has to get on a bus back to Portland that evening. Also, did they mention that she's standing right behind them? No, I don't think they did.

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