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Burke, Derek, and Mark are examining a huge wall of X-rays from the mountain climbers. Bailey and Callie stand by. It turns out that they each have a problem that requires the participation of an orthopedic surgeon, so they each want Callie. How is it that you can be a resident specializing in orthopedics if there's not an attending who's an orthopedic surgeon? Or was the one orthopedic attending on staff also the fourth climber? In fact, Bailey points out that there are multiple orthopedic surgeons in the hospital. The others are just all apparently mute. Or too ugly to appear on television. Callie, flattered, thinks that she can participate in all of the surgeries with the right scheduling, but the attending start arguing and speaking over each other. Bailey tells them to shut up and settle this dispute like men, with a game of rock, paper, scissors. She gives them the count, and they shoot. Bailey: "All rocks, very typical." They shoot again, but this time Mark shoots scissors, which are promptly smashed by the rocks thrown by Derek and Burke. Everyone leaves Mark with Bailey. Don't Derek and Burke need to break their tie? Mark gives Bailey a very odd look, and she wants to know what the hell he's doing. He tells her, "I just want to know how it feels. To not have to spend the next 24 hours wondering if Richard picked you to be Chief Resident. How does it feel to be the chosen one?" He leaves the room, and she quietly tells herself, "Feels just fine."

Meredith walks down the hall and silently passes Derek. He asks her how it went, but she doesn't respond and keeps walking. Cristina is right behind her, and she tells Derek that she's on top of the situation.

I guess Cristina's idea of being on top of the situation is letting Meredith wander off to the waiting area in the lobby and sit there like a zombie. Cristina (who took the time to get a cup of coffee) is on the overlook with the other interns watching Meredith. Cristina: "It's not like she actually flunked. She just didn't write anything." Alex, who knows from flunking, tells her, "It's kind of like she actually flunked." George shares a hospital urban legend about an intern who spent the three nights prior to the exam on call and therefore slept through the exam. Apparently, the call was coming from inside the hospital. And he had to repeat his intern year. Please, dear God, don't do that to us. I cannot take another three seasons of Meredith as an intern. Izzie thinks they have to do something and turns to Cristina for some idea of what that something should be. Because she's the one you turn to when there's some kind of delicate emotional crisis going on. Everyone's pagers go off -- it's Bailey, and George tells them that they have to go. Izzie: "We can't just leave her here [on the mountain]." Alex: "You got a better idea?" Cristina's the last to leave, but she doesn't want to get a frostbitten nose right before her wedding day, so she eventually leaves.

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