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Bailey tells them that it's "go time" and assigns them all to different doctors. Except for George, who wonders why she paged him. Bailey has just two words o say to George: "Mercy West." George realizes that Callie must have told her about the transfer, and she starts ripping him a new one for thinking about leaving the best surgical program in the country. Really, this is the best? These people? Remind me to go to some other country the next time I need surgery. Canada, or maybe Guatemala. Anything to keep me out of the clutches of these people. She accuses him of throwing his career away, and he tells her that he's just trying to do what's best for him in light of his personal issues. Bailey: "I don't know what your personal problems are, and I don't care. I do care about your career, so let me make myself clear. This is a mistake." Izzie witnessed this entire scene, and as George walks away from Bailey he stops and they stare into each other's eyes. Izzie says George's name as he walks away. And then the camera pans up and we see that Callie observed that whole scene from the landing of a stairwell.

Meredith is still sitting in the waiting area when George comes and sits next to her. He delivers a kind of obnoxious acting school monologue to the effect that when your parent dies, things stop making sense and you make horrible mistakes, but no matter how much you regret the mistakes, you have to live with the consequences. Hmmm, whatever are they trying to shove down our throats? Meredith tells him to go. With some hesitation, he does.

Addison walks into... the E.R., maybe? I can't tell. But as she does, she hears her name called out. It's Adele. She was in a minor car accident. Addison starts to page the Chief, but Adele stops her instantly: "Richard cannot know I'm here. We're separated. My life is none of his business." Then why did you come to his hospital? Okay, I'll actually give Adele the benefit of the doubt and assume that the ambulance brought her to SGH after the accident, giving her no choice in the matter. Addison agrees to leave Richard out of it, and asks Adele if she's feeling any pain after the accident. Adele: "Well, there's one thing I should probably mention. I'm pregnant." Oh, good grief. Commercials.

Adele is now in an exam gown, and Addison has just done an ultrasound. The baby looks fine, but Adele is spotting, so Addison would like her to stay overnight. Adele's not down with that, but Addison tells her that she has to stay for at least a couple of hours. Addison: "It could be nothing, but a pregnancy at your age is..." Adele: "Terrifying? Embarrassing?" A dramatic contrivance? Ah, Addison was going for "a miracle." Adele drops the fact that she's 52. Which makes me think that Richard is relatively close to her age, which in turn leads me to wonder why he's still stepping down as Chief. I mean, he made the original decision for her, but she dumped him anyway. If he's still in his mid-fifties, why the heck would he go forward with this retirement plan? Addison asks whether she may ask who the father is. Adele: "You may ask." Oh, Loretta, you are Devine. Addison's concerned that milquetoast Richard will freak out if he learns that Adele is in the hospital carrying another man's baby, but Adele says the solution to that is to make sure Richard never finds out she's there.

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