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The documentary cameras have left, the state-of-the-art security system that only showed up for five minutes has been dismantled, and Meredith's voiceover is back. "Question: When was the last time a complete stranger took off her clothes in front of you, pointed to a big purple splotch on her back and asked, 'What the hell is this thing?' If you're a normal person, the answer is never. If you're a doctor, the answer is probably about five minutes ago." Arizona and Callie are packing for Africa but Callie seems perturbed and isn't happy when Arizona tries to get rid of some sort of ... chopper thingy by giving it to Mark. She manages to mentally convey that he shouldn't accept it, but then she's irritated anew when he claims the waffle iron instead, and hits the roof when Arizona tries to throw in a French press. Arizona points out that they can't really use these things in Malawi and that they won't do anyone any good in storage, but Callie seems to think that if she can't use them, nobody is going to. She growls at Arizona to stop giving her things away, stomps off and slams the door, while Arizona looks confounded and Mark wisely decides to leave the press.

"The truth is, we love to think that we have all of the answers too." Derek and Meredith arrive at work and Meredith is in the middle of explaining which companies she thinks they should reach out to for Derek's I-guess-it's-really-happening Alzheimer's study. She's done a ton of research and tries to convince Derek she's just the one he will want as an assistant for his clinical trials. Cristina rounds a corner and gives Mere a tight smile, which she returns, and when Derek asks how things are going, she says they are fine. Wait, so is there a problem between these two now? Because Cristina is always crabby and I wouldn't have read a single thing into that moment if Derek hadn't pointedly asked about it, and also, except for their one awkward interview where Cristina didn't want to be called a hero, there has been no evidence up until now that there are any problems between the two. Derek then asks if things are frosty between them because Richard gave the money to Hunt instead of him. Wait, no, seriously, what? Didn't we all come to realize that in the scheme of things, that wasn't a terribly huge sum? And didn't that happen, in the scope of the show, a few weeks ago? Why would either of them even care, especially as they've gone weeks so far not caring about it? I'm calling shenanigans already on all of this. Meredith denies that things are frosty and then tries to get out of a trauma certification lab that Hunt is running (with the mil he won) but Derek sends her to go do it. She VOs: "Basically, doctors are know-it-alls. Until something comes along that reminds us we're not."

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