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Mark must have finished the butt surgery because he's sitting outside with Callie, wondering who on earth he'll talk to about women once she's gone. They joke a bit but finally Mark seems to have something important to say, though Callie has to prod him to spit it out. He goes about it a little bit circuitously, by telling her about how he does a lot of boob jobs but then he does a lot of reversals as well, on women who were unhappy about their earlier decision. He witnessed Christy today making a decision fully for herself, that he knows she won't ever reverse, but it made him realize that Callie seems to be doing the equivalent of getting a boob job for her girlfriend who likes a big rack. "By big rack I mean Africa." Callie doesn't dispute it, but just tells Mark he loves Arizona. He knows, but he warns her that she's going to have to figure out how to love Africa too, and he's answered by her making a face at the idea. Finally, they just give each other a big long hug, so sad to be leaving each other.

When Jackson said he was done he meant it -- he's decided his day is over and is heading out in street clothes when Owen finds him and lectures that he doesn't just get to walk away while he is teaching. Jackson just sneers and answers that two of his friends died, so he doesn't need a lesson in the unfairness of trauma. Oh nooooo he didn't. Even before Owen said a thing I asked out loud, "Seriously, he is not the right audience for that." Owen shoves him into a room and basically says just that, reminding him that he lost dozens of friends in the field, but that he never used it as an excuse to quit. Jackson's glare softens, thank goodness, as the reality of Owen's going through actual WAR sinks in, and Owen reminds him that he has to figure out how to be a doctor no matter what he's dealing with. He also adds that he doesn't have to quit, and then informs him that he's going to finish the certification right now. Jackson tries to look tough but he doesn't fight it.

Teddy and Dr. McQueen have gotten Roy's new lungs installed but now they have to wait and see if his heart will actually start beating. Teddy tries to stay optimistic, saying they'll just have to wait and see if Cristina's work paid off, and after a few agonizing moments his ticker starts up again. Teddy congratulates Cristina on a job well done, and Cristina sighs with relief, tears in her eyes.

Arizona and Callie have finally made it to the airport, and as they walk along Callie continues to gripe about it, though extra passive-aggressively, saying that the lack of actual things to do will just give them more time to focus on medicine. Arizona, who must really love Callie to have put up with all of her bullshit until right now, finally just stops in the middle of the airport. She reminds Callie that she won this rare and special grant and is going to get to do totally amazing things with it, and that it's the biggest opportunity of her career. Callie just gives her a patronizing look as if to say, of course she knows all of this, silly girl. But then Arizona announces that Callie is totally ruining it for her with all of her passive-aggressive crap. Callie actually just smiles at her and says she's not, because that's always helpful, but Arizona assures her that she totally is. Callie's face goes serious and she seems to recognize, finally, that Arizona means it, but she also gets mad and admits that yes, she doesn't want to go, but she wants to be with Arizona so she's really trying. We all have different definitions of trying, I guess. And Callie really looks like she thinks she deserves a prize for this, to boot. I really can't stand this Callie.

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