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Out in the disaster area, all of the dummies have cards that detail what's wrong with them. April goes through the first one and the poor dude has a laundry list of horrible injuries, but she doesn't realize that he might in fact actually be dead until Meredith points it out. Owen is watching over all of this like a proud king surveying his domain until he sees Cristina standing awkwardly to the side, watching the action. He runs over to her and she claims to need fresh air, but one of those injured dummies could tell that's not really true. She tosses off that there are some complications but claims her patient is fine, and then when she gets a page about him she has to leave. Owen calls after her that she can do this and she whispers, "Okay, thanks." It's not her normal response, and she's still operating in that strange, light, dreamy voice she's put on lately, and she obviously needed the encouragement before going back to face whatever Roy has going on now. After she leaves Owen thinks for a second, then calls Meredith over and announces that she's certified and can leave to go help her friend. Mere is skeptical and pointedly asks if Cristina requested her help but Owen just asks, "Please." Mere doesn't like it, but she goes.

Mere finds Cristina in the OR and by way of greeting Cristina demands to know what she's doing there. Mere admits cautiously that Owen sent her but tries to keep her tone light, though it doesn't really work and Cristina spits that she doesn't need a babysitter. Mere just tells her calmly that she's an extra set of hands, trying to placate her. Seriously, the two of them having problems just seems too sudden and clumsily done. I mean, Cristina's problems have been building and I believe her stress, but this fight with Meredith is just awkward and doesn't fit with everything we've seen thus far since their relationship seems to be one of the few things keeping Cristina functioning at all. Cristina explains that she's putting in the balloon pump and hopes there are no other complications, so Mere lists all of the things they need to look for that might indicate problems -- the only one that I can understand involves getting a blue leg. Cristina cuts her off and declares that if she wants to help, she can go update his daughter; Mere agrees and flees the OR.

Outside, Owen asks his students for a status report and April stands up and proudly runs down what is going on with each one. Her perk is dampened, though, when Owen tells her that one of them actually developed complications and died -- and to show it, he just kicks the poor dummy over onto his stomach. April protests that it's not on the card but that's just the cue for Steve to go and hand out new cards that give updates on all of the "patients" while Owen lectures that patients don't just die, it just seems that way when you stop paying attention. He is positively in his element leading a group of people like this -- you can tell he is quite used to and relishes it. Steve is rather apologetic as he hands out the cards that will make everyone's duties that much harder and then, as a wet cherry on top of the trauma sundae, the skies open up and it starts to pour.

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