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The problem with having Mere go talk to Corrine is that she doesn't actually have any answers, and after having to admit that she has to check with either Teddy or Cristina about everything that Corrine asks, Corrine loses her patience. Mere apologizes, though, and quickly Corrine begins to melt down about what is really bothering her, which is that she called her dad by his first name. She slumps down and starts to babble about their past, that she was mad at him but that he really did try to be there for her but she just sided with her mom and then eventually he stopped trying. She's totally ashamed and Mere just listens quietly with her best, "I care" face on. Eventually, though, she does seem to be genuinely sympathetic and finally gives Corrine a real smile because if she was going to unload to anyone about her Daddy Issues, she unknowingly picked the best possible person in the hospital who might understand.

Afterward she high-tails it back up to Cristina to try and convince her how much Corrine needs to talk to her dad's actual doctor, but Cristina just growls at her to try reading the chart. In this segment full of breaking points, Mere seems to have hit hers, and tries to have it out with her friend. But Cristina cuts her off that she doesn't have time, because... and she dramatically pulls back Roy's sheets to show that he has the dreaded Blue Leg that Mere referred to earlier.

She gets to be the one to call Teddy and tell her what's up, and Teddy tells her that once they get in Roy's new lungs then his heart might repair itself. She then tells Meredith to suggest that Cristina do soemthingorother but when Mere calls it out, Cristina is already doing it and points that out with some venom. Teddy asks Mere sincerely how Cristina is doing and Mere just reports that she's great -- technically, she is actually taking care of everything so it's all Teddy really needs to know. Teddy doesn't sound entirely convinced but Mere wraps up the call so that she can go help, or rather, so she can go get snapped at some more by her best friend as she tries to help.

Hmmm, I suddenly have a craving for some link sausage. Oh wait, that's probably because Anna is pulling out all of Mary's intestines and notes that they look very well healed before stuffing them into a biohazard bag just like the one Alex was sporting as a raincoat earlier. She decides this would be the perfect break for lunch, but Bailey is positively shocked and appalled that she would possibly consider that when they still have work to do. Anna tells her that everything will hold, and when Bailey argues she cuts her off with a smile and says that she'll see her in 45 minutes, in a tone that tells even Bailey to stop trying to argue about it.

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