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Mark and Lexie head in to Christy's room, and she looks like she might just break into a happy dance in her bed as she waits to be wheeled in to surgery. But Mark admits to her that Lexie was worried she was doing this for the wrong reasons to please someone else. Christy takes a deep breath but doesn't look mad, instead she tells Lexie that she hopes she doesn't take this the wrong way, but... she can tell, even though her lab coat, that Lexie has a great ass. As most women would, Lexie looks surprised and mildly embarrassed but yet pleased at the comment. Christy then tells them what her life has been like, not having ever been able to find the perfect pair of jeans that made her feel sexy, because all jeans hang off of her frame unless she buys them in the boys' department. She's tried everything she can but even gaining weight doesn't change her shape the way she wants it, so she's finally doing this surgery for herself so that she can get the butt she's always yearned for, and assures them it's absolutely just for herself. And actually, it's totally believable that she really is just doing this for herself, and Mark grins at her happily while Lex just stares at her in awe and comments on how nice she is. I took that to mean that Lexie realized she was telling the truth as well, and was amazed that she could be so happy and confident about her decision when Lexie is clearly still a bit of a basket case.

The rain is still pouring down outside but now the blue team is only one left with any "alive" "patients." Owen compliments Alex but then tells Jackson that he made a good effort but actually made an incision too big and killed a guy. April starts to hallucinate some more about hearing the imaginary helicopter, and Alex obviously thinks she's lost it and reminds her that it's both imaginary and not coming. Alex thinks he has it figured out, that Owen is just trying to break them and teach them that trauma isn't fair -- and that they will learn it when all of their patients are dead. Ever-optimistic April claims this is wrong but Jackson decides that he's hand enough, and he just stands up and leaves. Owen yells at him to come back but Jackson just tells him no, and when Owen stops in surprise Jackson icily replies, "No, SIR," before marching inside. I can't imagine this is going to turn out well for him whatsoever, but for now Owen is so surprised he can only stare after him.

Back from lunch, Anna plops Mary's brain into a jar of liquid, and when I paused my DVR at this moment I noticed what I had missed on first viewing -- a shot that shows right in to "Mary's" now-empty skull. Nasty. Anna says they are done for the day but Bailey argues that they need a brain sample, and doesn't seem to believe Anna that they have to wait for the brain to firm up in whatever liquid it's now in before they can do anything. Bailey comments that she's not trying to tell Anna how to do her job, but Anna cuts her right off and rightly points out that she is in fact totally doing that and that she's trying not to hold it against her. This Anna is less likable than her Mad Men alter ego but I have to say I'm on her side here, sorry Bailey. Anna defends that this is what she does all day, and then some of her own insecurities pop up as she asks if Bailey think that pathologists choose that path because they couldn't make it as surgeons? Obviously this is something she's fought against before. She reiterates that the autopsy was inconclusive, and that she hates that as much as or more than Bailey does. However, she then takes the biohazard bag o'organs and unceremoniously starts stuffing it back into Mary's chest cavity, more abruptly than I think Bailey would do it even if she wasn't personally involved with the patient.

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