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Bailey walks back to where Mark is sitting, and he looks up at her with eyes red from crying, wallowing in self-pity. She reaches out and slaps him upside the head.

Meredith also looks worse for wear as Derek explains to her that the virus somehow reverted, and there's no way they could have predicted it. She turns to face him and he sits down and shows her a bottle of champagne that he bought on the way over. "For when we get it right." He quietly tells her that they'll succeed and save someone, and then they'll drink the champagne, "to all the patients who helped us change the face of medicine." He repeats again that they will open the champagne, and she finally lets the tears fall.

Cristina is in the conference room facing Adele, Richard, and Sheehan. Richard comments that her form was not turned in. Now, why this meant she ended up standing in front of all of them as if she was being interrogated is beyond me, but isn't it DRAMATIC? Sigh. He tells her she has to fill one out because the hospital is still liable even though Burke is gone. Seriously? Are you going to go after every former employee of yours? No? Only this one, for plot purposes? Okay. Adele looks down, seeming a bit mortified, and Richard fidgets, embarrassed, as he hands over the form to Cristina. She takes it, scribbles it out, and hands it back. "There. My sexual relationship with Preston Burke, on paper. Satisfied?" As she leaves he comments that he knows this is difficult for her. She stops in her tracks and turns back to tell him that it's not difficult, that he left and won the Harper Avery, and is being celebrated all over the world. She goes on that it's not difficult that he's gone and she's still there, living in his apartment and working in the same hospital, wearing the same scrubs, where she chooses to be. "But sir, when his hand was shaking? I performed his surgeries. I kept his secrets, I nursed his pride. You know it, and I know it, and he knows it. He knows it. And yet no where in that newspaper article does my name appear." She pauses. "I am the unseen hand to his brilliance." At this she turns away and wipes her face and excuses herself before going on, "And yet while everything is the same it's very, very different. Now I'm lucky if I get to hold a clamp. Hahn treats me like... I was his hand. And now I am a ghost. That's not difficult. It's unbearable. I know everybody is proud of him, but I'm not. And I do not wish him well." As always when given this kind of material, Sandra Oh is incredible. The Chief looks sad, and chastened.

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