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Izzie passes Bailey outside with Tuck, and Bailey asks if she ever got in touch with her patient. Izzie admits she did not, and Bailey asks if she told her friend. With a slightly stronger voice, Izzie tells her no and sits down to coo over Tuck, adding, "Even though it killed me, I didn't tell her." Bailey tells her that she's growing. Grudgingly, I must admit it's the tiniest bit true. True to form, Izzie says she wishes it would stop. Bailey takes a breath and tells her that Tucker is out on a date right now, then stands up and heads home with her baby for Izzie to chew that over. VO: "I was a good doctor. Even when it was hard. I was the me in my head." Bailey walks away with her head held high.

At Joe's, Lexie drunkenly tells George she just called three ex-boyfriends to find out how unforgettable she was. She adds that she's sure they'll call her back. George tells her whatever. She made a mistake sleeping with Alex, but no one can hold a candle to him when it comes to making mistakes, sleeping with the wrong people, and being humiliated. He should be her inspiration. She wrinkles her nose and giggles. Already, whether they actually hook up or not, these two have more chemistry than George and Izzie could ever hope to muster. George declares that he's the Chief's Intern. "I am the man, at the right hand of... the Man." They clink glasses.

Elsewhere in the bar, Callie admits that she's been avoiding Hahn. Haltingly, she gets out that Addison had implied that she and Hahn seemed like they were lesbians. After a moment, Hahn bursts out laughing and after waiting a second to make sure it's really okay, Callie does the same. But in her eyes you can still see some doubt about the whole thing. Their laughter sort of dies out and they go back to seeming uncomfortable.

"There was a moment when I thought, 'I can't do this.'" I don't think that thought went through Richard's or Adele's minds this evening, as they are happily cuddling in bed together -- all that's missing is for one of them to be puffing contentedly on a cigarette. She tells him saucily that she's glad some things haven't changed.

Mere continues, "I can't do this alone." Mark and Derek are in the elevator, of course. Mark announces, "The most refined, professional, ladylike doctor in this hospital came to my defense tonight, and the best she could come up with is 'He's a whore.' I'm a whore." He turns to Derek with a wounded look, as if this really is news to him. Derek stares up at the floors as they light up and admits that he slept with Rose, and the whole time he was thinking about Meredith. He turns to Mark. "Who's the bigger whore?" Well, probably still Mark. Who's the bigger cad? Derek, at least tonight.

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