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"But I closed my eyes, and imagined myself doing it. And I did. I blocked out the fear, and I did it." Cristina is lying on her sofa with her eyes open, as Meredith sits in Dr. Amy's office and cheerfully concludes that it was a really good day -- presumably she just told her everything she voiced over. Dr. Amy leans back, nods, then says that since Mere's insurance will only cover 20 sessions, she's going to cut to the chase. Meredith smiles benignly. Dr. Amy throws her pen and paper on the table and tells her it wasn't a good day. Her patient died alone without being able to tell his boyfriend how he felt. Mere defends that it was actually heroic, since it would have busted Todd. Dr. Amy tells her to shut up and says she'll spell it out. Her patient died alone while the love of his life was literally in the next room. "That's you!" Meredith is dense enough to be genuinely surprised and ask what she's talking about, that she's not alone, but Dr. Amy says she's calling herself a hero when she's really just alone. This Dr. Amy is MY hero! Meredith calls it a load of crap and Dr. Amy says, "He's with Rose." Mere gets up to leave, and she just repeats it until Mere yells and asks why she's doing it; Dr. Amy points out that if he's with Rose, he's not with Mere, and asks her if she knows why. She then answers her own question. "You're scared." Meredith demands to know if Dr. Amy is calling her a coward, and all of her walls are going back up in record speed before our eyes. Meredith repeats the question and Dr. Amy answers, "What do you think?" And, with two steps forward, one step back, Meredith storm out of the office and the door slams shut. Dr. Amy, I lift my glass to you.

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