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Richard and Mark are walking down the hall and Richard explains testily that he got a call from human resources that the nurses are boycotting Mark's surgeries. He complains he didn't do anything to them (that wasn't consensual) but Richard informs him that they felt strongly enough about what he did that they sent a union rep. He opens the door to the room where they will be meeting and comes face to face with his amazing ex-wife. (Are they actually divorced? I can't quite keep track.) "Wait, your wife's the union goon?" Mark asks. "Nurse mediator, Doctor Sloane," she replies. Also known as the woman who is going to eat you alive, methinks. An HR rep, Wayne Sheehan, is there as well. Richard tells Mark that Adele used to be a nurse and it seems she's gone back to work. She declares pointedly, "I'm not just a housewife any more." She tells them there have been complaints against Sloane and adds that the hospital has ignored them until now. He can't help himself -- he says that everything was consensual, "In fact, some of them even begged for it." It's like he's got Sex Tourrette's. Wayne explains that there have been no formal complaints but to protect themselves from possible litigation in the future, they're going to start making people register any sexual relationships they have with other hospital employees. Mark is appropriately horrified but Adele asks if he wants a $20 million lawsuit, and Richard orders him to shut up and fill out the form. I think he's going to need a few extra pages for this list.Richard bristles when Adele coolly orders him to fill one out too.

Lexie is down in the morgue with Cristina, who is staring mutely at a corpse. If only Lexie knew what kind of horrible, bad-idea, foolish surgery pact was made here. She awkwardly asks Cristina if she's okay, noting that she just passed up an incredible heart transplant with Hahn, which seems a little out of character. Cristina says nothing, and just stands with the scalpel frozen over the corpse's chest. Lexie tentatively asks if this has to do with Burke, but Cristina finally moves to turn and give Lexie a magnified death stare through her goggles. Lexie is finally silent, so Cristina... starts to sing "Like A Virgin." Lexie looks around as if maybe she's on Candid Camera, then asks Cristina if she can help. Cristina only sings louder. Unsure of what to do, Lexie just stands behind Cristina and eventually starts grooving a little bit to the song. When Cristina reaches the chorus, she's into it and adds, "Hey!" at the appropriate moment. It's completely endearing, but naturally Cristina turns to glare at her again. After another death stare, she offers to go upstairs and bolts, relieved. Cristina picks up the song right where she left off and gets back to work.

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