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Line of the night: "I don't need more money, I have fifty percent of yours." Adele seems to be having a hard time getting through to Richard about why she is working; he can't fathom it even when she explains that she loves working and being taken seriously. She asserts that she has changed, and so to save face he tells her that he has too. He tells her he's delegating and going home early but unfortunately she's heard that before and it doesn't hold water. Richard goes so far as to say he's got an intern -- the Chief's Intern.

With that, he has to go find an intern. He finds George and tells him how he's been watching him and thinks that he needs to be challenged more than he is. He lays it on thick, and it works like a charm on George, who isn't used to receiving compliments. He asks George to be the Chief's Intern, and George is in awe of the idea. Then it occurs to him to ask if "Chief's Intern" is a real job.

Derek and Mere are looking at scans of Santiago's brain. He tells her that they have to get more aggressive, and that they should inject the virus into the tumor from both sides to saturate it and therefore have more of an impact. He's got a fancy light-up brain complete with realistic squelching sounds for them to practice on, and he shows her that they'll each take one needle and inject in perfect unison. They practice with the lights off, their faces each lit up by the romantic glow of the practice brain. He reiterates that they must be completely in sync (oh my god, could this be some sort of double entendre? I don't know, it's subtle...) and she chants to herself under her breath, "He's with Rose." Even if he were concentrating on a real brain, there's no way he wouldn't hear her and wonder what the hell was going on, but for the purposes of this scene he remains oblivious.

Naturally, Kyra has an adorable little daughter dressed as a princess. This means two things: First, that something bad will happen to Kyra, and second that the little girl will bring about some change in Alex, the supposed father-to-be. The kid asks Alex if he likes princesses. After he says yes, she asks what's going to happen to her mom. He says they'll put her on a heart/lung machine and that it will be just like Snow White in that she'll die for a while but not really be dead. Kyra takes a disappointed breath. The little girl's older sister yells, "My mom's gonna be dead?!?" The princess cries, "Snow White dies?" They run to their dad as Kyra points out that Alex must not have kids, as they fast-forward through the scary parts at this age.

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