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While Mere putters around Santiago's room taking care of pre-surgery things, Todd asks about the recovery time. When Mere says it will be four to six weeks he happily says that's how long Santiago will be stuck with him then. Santiago points out he deploys in five days, and without any of the emotion that is thick in Todd's voice, reminds him that he's a soldier and he shouldn't screw things up for himself -- adding that he probably won't live through surgery anyway. Todd answers, "Cool, then I'll be good to go in about five days." Santiago just stares at him, and in the moment of silence Mere seems to have a little light go off over her head about all of the underlying tension in the room. Santiago demands to know why Todd came. Todd asks him, "How could I not?" He sits on the bed and Santiago just stares straight ahead with a face like a stone as Todd comments that he's paranoid. Mere gives them a quick reassuring smile and turns away to work on something else. Todd touches Santiago's check and then they grab at each other and start making out in what I have to believe is one of the most passionate gay kisses ever shown on network prime-time television. Meredith watches them wistfully but the moment is broken when Santiago's father walks in. Todd jumps off the bed, but he's already seen too much and orders Todd out. Santiago only stares the other way as the army doctor walks in and, sensing the tension, asks what's wrong. Todd tells him professionally that it's nothing and makes his way out. Santiago finally turns and looks at his dad with tear-filled, red-rimmed eyes.

Callie pulls her coat back on as she hustles down the hall and says, "Thank you for the consult, Dr. Sloane," seemingly for Bailey's approval. I say once someone has seen you in the buff, it's not as necessary to keep up the act. Mark then tries to talk to Rose, but she shuts him up despite his argument that she's dating his best friend, telling him she won't talk to the nurses for him. Bailey watches this, clearly thinking they're all ridiculous. Mark asserts that Rose could tell the nurses he's a good guy. ("Who just happens to be mind-blowingly good at sex.") She tells him that all the talk about sex isn't her definition of good-guy behavior, then gets in the elevator. But before the doors can close, Mark tells her this is exactly why he hates girls like her. "You string guys along acting like sex is some prize when really you're just afraid that once you give it up, he'll lose interest." Her face falls as if to say this is exactly true as the doors close and Mark walks away.

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