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Cristina is still singing "Like A Virgin" when Mere comes in and demands that she stop. She defiantly picks up where she left off as she angrily works on cutting out a heart, and tries to drown out Mere saying she'll win a Harper Avery, and that Burke wouldn't have a career without her and he knows that. When that doesn't work, Mere plays her trump card and declares, "I'm in therapy." That does the trick, thank God, because as Cristina gets louder her singing gets worse. Meredith says it's because Derek is with Rose, and that she's way more screwed up than Cristina. After a moment, Cristina thanks her and says that makes her feel a little better.

Bailey finds the Chief with Adele and asks him if it's true that everyone is filling out this form. He tells her it's true, and that "we are taking this VERY seriously." Bailey asks about her being exempt, which surprises Adele. When Richard grabs the paper, saying he doesn't even want Bailey holding the form, Adele turns around quickly as if she knows the storm that is coming. The Chief looks immensely pleased with himself while Bailey stares at him with her mouth hanging open, and then huffs, "Well OKAY, then," turns and leaves. Adele turns back towards him with much the same look and Richard asks, "What?" Thank God he knows medicine better than he knows women.

While Alex works, Tyler makes a rare appearance to stick a thermometer in his ear. He announces that Alex is at 100.4 degrees and Hahn tells him he's off the surgery per the immune system protocol. In what might be a first, she willingly tells him to page Cristina and that she'll be scrubbing in, and informs Alex he's on "babysitting duty" for Kyra's family for the rest of the day.

Todd is still sitting in the lobby and sees as Meredith and the crew wheel Santiago towards surgery. Meredith tells him that they can take a moment, and Todd gets up hesitantly and stares with naked hope on his face. Santiago's dad looks worried but doesn't say anything. Santiago tells her no. He glances up at Todd and more strongly tells them to just go. The look on Todd's face as he stares after and tries not to cry absolutely broke my heart.

Cristina joins Hahn in the ambulance bay to wait for the donor heart. Hahn turns and says bitterly, "I can't imagine how you must feel about Burke's award," adding that she helped him with all of the research and he didn't even mention her. Seeing as how I'm pretty sure she noticed this fact, it's already obvious this is going to go over like a lead balloon. But Cristina says nothing as Hahn goes on about his legendary arrogance. She remains silent and Hahn finally says she thought that this was actually going to be some common ground for them. After a moment, Hahn tells her good for her for not trashing him and rising above, adding that she's going to follow her example. It's interesting to see Hahn struggle to make conversation with Cristina after so many weeks of Cristinawanting nothing but to communicate with her.

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