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The needles are set in Santiago's brain and Derek reminds Meredith that they have to be in perfect sync for the virus to have the most effect. She nods, and they begin. A monitor shows the progress of both injections side by side, and Meredith's is going a hair faster. Derek tells her to slow down but she keeps up slightly ahead of him. He gets more urgent and then tells her to look at him rather than the machine. Completely unrealistically, gazing into his eyes steadies her and the monitor shows that they're now at exactly the same rate and finish the injection at exactly the same time. It's pretty ridiculous even for this show. Everyone else in the OR claps for them, and Derek tells her, "We're standing on the moon, Dr. Grey." I just puked a little bit.

In the conference room where Richard is sitting with Adele and the HR rep, Bailey comes in and plunks down her form, telling him she wanted to deliver it herself in case he had any questions. He comments that there are interns on the forms and she tells him, "I require the energy of youth," adding that Derek was a moment of weakness on her part. Adele raises her eyebrows at what she knows is coming. If those two ladies did some sort of buddy TV show, I'd be first in line to watch. Richard also notices Sloane's name and Bailey looks to the ceiling as she recounts the "many moments" between the two of them and how hot it was. Adele adds, "Mmm, steamy!" Richard tells her he gets the joke and she yells back that in fact the joke is on him. She can't believe that she's been single for weeks now but that he finds the idea that she would have a sexual encounter to be a joke. She continues yelling at him for singling her out as the single person who "couldn't interest a member of the opposite sex." She searches for the word to describe it and Adele pipes up, "It's harassment!" Richard yells her name in protest while Bailey, near tears, whacks him with the form and yells shame on him. She runs out and Adele glares at him.

Izzie brings Alex some juice to help his fever but he turns it down, so she pushes him about being run down, which turns into her admonishing that Ava can't just move in yet and that they have to take it slower. Alex demands to know what her problem is, as she loves every other baby she's ever seen. She tells him that it's not him but when he demands to know what it is, she takes a deep breath and says it's nothing. He storms off and she chews on her cheek and sulks.

Hahn is scrubbing in when Callie joins her, and Hahn asks if they're on for drinks. Callie reminds Hahn about her "thing," and Hahn just nods her head a while before telling Callie she doesn't make friends easily and admits her faults -- she's awkward, bad at small talk, and usually doesn't like people she doesn't know, exhibiting these faults as she says it. She takes a moment and says that she made friends with Callie but now Callie has a "thing" called Sloane. When Callie asks, she says she isn't mad that she's sleeping with Sloane, she's just upset that Callie didn't tell her. She says Callie is one of those girls who turns into a flaky airhead when she gets a guy. Hahn storms off but before walking into the ER repeats that she doesn't make friends easily. Callie's shoulders slump as she watches her go.

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