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Judgment Day

Poor Bailey is totally flabbergasted by her Patients o'the Day, and as they operate on Leonard she wonders aloud whatever happened to good, old-fashioned, non-pole, non-vajazzled sex. "When did plain old 'get nekkid' become boring?" She also muses that men are probably trying to bedazzle their penises, too, which really conjures up an interesting mental image and a lot of logistical questions... I'm going to try not to think about it. Poor April is also trying hard not to think about it and Bailey muses that Jesus probably isn't a fan of vajazzling. They hear a laugh from the end of the table and look up, Bailey questions, "Bohkee...?" Ha! Well, well, still waters run deep. And sparkly.

Richard did actually scrub in for the surgery; presumably after leaving Catherine like that he had to do so to seem credible in front of whoever witnessed the uncomfortable scene. He's not really keen to discuss his state of mind and wants them to focus on the surgery, which takes a turn for the gross when they pull out a big, black mass. It turns out to be just what it looks like -- a hairball the size of a rat there as a result of Taylor nervously eating her hair. Heather chooses that moment to comment, almost as if she's unaware she's saying it out loud, that she used to eat dirt. So, you know, in case we forgot, she's the weird one. Isn't it enough to have her just be "the likable one"?

The crowd watching the ping pong match has grown to where the hallway is filled with doctors we've never seen before nor will ever see again. Alex walks up to Princess and she tells him that it's the final point, advantage Smash. She's so confident that she challenges Alex to go double or nothing and like Derek goading Smash into the game in the first place, she's able to get Alex to agree. As soon as he does, they have a ferocious volley and Smash wins the game. Derek is, as always, a poor loser and tries to immediately start another game but Smash dances around and crows that he won, he's in on the surgery the next day, and Derek better call and get him on Ramsey's service or else he'll... he again realizes that he's caught up in a not-so-smart career move and immediately apologizes again and thanks Derek for the opportunity. Derek tells him they are playing one more game, but this time he's playing with his dominant hand. I've got to admit, when he first picked up the paddle I thought to myself that I didn't think he was left-handed, but then I forgot about it. Now that we know that he isn't actually left-handed it makes his play that much more impressive. Which again begs the question, how did all of these doctors get so skilled at ping pong??

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